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  1. Thanks Nigel, I did put the Sold up in the title and hit submit....but I didn't see anywhere to save it, so I hope that's OK. I'll try and delete the rest now.
  2. Could someone tell me HOW to put SOLD up in the title? I haven't been able to figure that out. Thanks in advance....
  3. SOLD! This machine has now been sold. Thank you APQS and friends!
  4. I will ask. When are we talking about? I still need my machine until mid-March. His day job with a school board, so he might have to do it on a weekend after that Thanks for your interest. Joan
  5. It's the end of February (almost) and my Millie hasn't sold yet...I am now willing to drop the price to USD4500 or CAD 5600 plus 13% HST if sold within Ontario. Any takers on this forurm?
  6. Hi there Justme822 ! Could you give me your name? at least your first name? I live about 90 minutes from Niagara Falls, in Guelph, Ontario. I don't know what you would have to do to get the machine across the border. I would say that you would have to ask U.S. Customs what they expect you to do, to import a used piece of machinery ...for your business, if you have one or for your hobby.... I do have a technician here in Guelph who could do the take down and drive it across the border in his van and assemble it at your end. He actually took my earlier machine all the way to Idaho and back, to get it serviced a number of years ago. I could ask him, if you don't have someone to move it and transport it for you. Where in upper NY state are you? Joan
  7. Thank you. At first I thought you were referring to the colour green in the word Millenium on my machine, and then (I'm a bit slow) I realized it was for the softer environmental impact of buying a used machine in good working order, rather than a new one.
  8. Correction!! It has a 26" throat and does NOT have Bliss rails on the table. Joan Hug-Valeriote
  9. located in Guelph, Ontario Glad to have found this forum and all the help I've been given while I've had my Millie. Moving on to a new Innova soon.
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