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  1. I do computerize stitching with an intelliquilter and my stitches never go off the end of the quilt. No problem with fraying stitches. Linda Esenbock
  2. If you load the backing fabric with the seam horizontal to the bars you will have a better chance of success. Just be sure you center the top on the smaller piece of fabric. Good luck, Linda Esenbock
  3. I use super bobs exclusively. I use a towa gauge after inserting the bobbin in my case with metal spring still in it. After measuring the tension on the gauge I can determine if I need to remove the cardboard on the inside of the bobbin. The only time I need to do that is if the bobbin has been over filled. You can pretty much tell by the look of the bobbin that it has been overfilled. It bulges a little. I have never removed both sides of the cardboard. I luv the stitch I get with super bobs in the bobbin and signature 100% cotton on the top. Linda Esenbock Quilt 4 You
  4. I have a customer who experienced an extreme case of bearding with a wool batting. That being said if was DEFINITELY user error. The batting is thermal bonded. The quilt was washed several times in HOT water and dried on COTTON in the dryer. This caused the thermal bonding to no longer hold the fibers together. The back was batik and the fibers migrated through the back everywhere. We ended up unquilting the entire quilt and requilting with a cotton batting. Since this incident I make sure to discuss the properties of thermal bonding with my customers. I luv wool batting and use it in my own quilts. As stated earlier if this was a universal problem the industry would be all over it. Use it with confidence if treated properly. Linda
  5. I love the dream company wool batting. It is washable but be sure it is washed in cool to cold water and air dried or on very low temp in the dryer. The batting is thermal bonded so you cannot use hot water as the batting will eventually migrated if you breakup the thermal bonding. This batting gives great definition to your quilting. I remind my customers that the quilt will seem smaller when quilted with this batting as the loft and quilting will 'shrink' the total size.
  6. I sent you an email with my phone number if you want to talk thru this issue Happy new year, Linda Esenbock Qlt4you@aol.com
  7. You can actually attach the binding after each section you quilt. This eliminates the need to roll the quilt back and forth Give it a try, Linda Esenbock
  8. I also do not adjust the height of my machine for the IQ. Luv, luv, luv the IQ Linda
  9. Will there be any problem with customs between the US and Canada?
  10. Did you notice that is one block on the brown quilt that might be a humility block? Look at the star in the lower right hand corner and then look up towards the left. That block looks different than the other alternate blocks Just thought your quilter would want to know, Linda Esenbock
  11. Doodlebug I have legacy 120" batting. I have moved from Michigan to South Carolina since I did your Halloween quilt so maybe the postage wouldn't be too bad. Just let me know.
  12. Mandy, I would be interested in testing your paper pieced pattern. I love your sample. You can send me info at qlt4you@aol.com Thanks, Linda Esenbock
  13. I spoke with them on Monday and ordered batting. They said they were a little behind on shipping but all was OK with them.
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