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  1. APQS Lenny for sale, I purchased a fully reconditioned Lenny on a standard 12 foot table last year off the APQS showroom. Life circumstances dictates that I sell the machine. Will sell approximately 25 pantographs, extra bobbins, needles and plenty of thread to get you started. Asking $6000 negotiable. Must be able to pick up Yulee, Fl 32097 before 7/25 as we are closing on our home and moving. If we disassemble it will go into storage until our new home is built. This is a great little machine for anyone that wants to quilt theiR own quilts or start a home business! please contact, Mary if interested thank you! mburnette912@bellsouth.net
  2. research, research, research! Visit a few Quilt Guilds in your area, find out who does their longarming. How many longarmers are in the area? What are they charging for their work? What is the waiting period to get your quilt back from them? Remember it takes a long time to get a client base going. Alot of people say they are swamped with work but then they have been doing it for quite awhile. I bought my longarm in December and was all excited about a new business. I did the research, advertised, did the whole bit. I later found out that someone else bought one the exact same day I did, and others were quilting on their regular machines. I am lucky if I get one quilt a week in. The people that bring me a quilt usually are the same ones that bring back another one but it takes time and word of mouth to get going. Needless to say the money is not there. I am glad that I am able to not have to depend on it for a living and that I can pay the machine off without it. So before you jump in with both feet look at all the angles.
  3. I have microsoft office excel would that be ok? Mary in FL