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  1. I have used Maxi-Lock since i started in 2002. it was recommended for my machine. Millie likes it best and it comes in beautiful varigated colors. never had a complaint.
  2. I have been using Maxi-Lock since I started in 2002. Its about all I use. I bought my Millie from Marilyn Badger and Maxi-Lock was her recommendation for beginning and I have stuck with it since the machine likes it best. The varigateds are beautiful, too. Never had a complaint.
  3. With work like yours, you have nothing to worry about. Have been out of touch...where is Quilt Camp? Probably not in CA. Peace, Stephanie, Eureka, CA
  4. wow, did you all meet? sorry i missed it. have been not to constant with checking the posts. i am in eureka, ca. hope to make a gathering in the future. peace, stephanie
  5. Think you have lots of info to go on re your post, but WOW! Fantastic quilting on your feathers. Peace,
  6. Thanks Caron and all on this thread. Can always use refreshing ideas. I recently quilted my own quilt for our guilds quilt show which was held last weekend and it took me a while to get going cause i just didn't have an inspiration. I always find that here. Hope to be around more often for the goings on. Peace Stephanie Eureka, CA Millenium
  7. Hi Kim, I had only quilted ONE quilt on my domestic machine before I bought my Millenium...since i am not a distributor i can tell you i think they are the best. i have been in business for 5 years and there are probably 10 longarmers in my area (population 50,000 in and around my town) and they are all as busy as they want to be...there are several people i know here who have a long arm and only do their own...and is ok...its more than ok....and it helps to have a supportive spouse...ha, ha...kiss em if you got problem is turning everything i love into work...and i am slowly getting over that!
  8. I am so happy those who are coming round to batiks are doing so at this time...there are so many beautiful batiks out there right now...more and more all the time....if you love color batiks are the rich and concentrated color...i work and teach at one of our local shops and all the employees are crazy for batiks and fight over them...(not really!)...I love the batik work i have seen on this thread...i don't post much but try to check in when i can...peace/out.stephanie
  9. Kathy, Thanks for the tour of Road to was appreciated even for those of us in Cali that could not make it...could not get a class, then a room and finally gave up. Am flying down to visit my mom which was the big reason for the trip anyway next monday. Thanks for the experience. Fantastic quilts!
  10. I have a friend locally, who just does her own quilts. Her husband is a quilter and he does his own. They do many quilts for our local community quilt program. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. What the heck, you only live once. Go For IT! Stephanie
  11. Love the feathers. Nice job. Stephanie, Eureka, CA
  12. I bought my Millenium used from Marilyn Badger, well known in APQS and in the machine quilting world. She told me to buy the whole line of Maxi-Lock to get started. She said Milleniums work best with poly thread. That is mostly what I use and I love the new varigated Swirls they have now. I have a terrible time with thread breaking, tension problems, etc with Signature, especially the varigated. My grandkids quilts have been washed and washed and the Maxi-lock still looks great. I know its controversial, but it works for me and if I 'ain't happy' my work suffers.
  13. Wow, Teresa, very nice work. Hello all, I finally figured out how to reply...I have been reading for quite a few months now. You are all very inspiring to me. Good to be here.