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  1. Thank you so much! Please send the instructions to I am so grateful! Mary
  2. I have an APQS Millenium and it has run beautifully until about an hour ago. It's about 4 years old and I don't over use it by any means. Today, when I pushed the yellow needle up-down button, it went up and down several times before it stopped. I turned on the stitch regulator, pushed the start button and the machine ran just fine. Then, when I pushed the machine regulator button to stop - again - it took 4-5 times of needle up down before it stopped. Any ideas as to how to correct this problem? Thanks for the help! Mary
  3. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I made sure my next quilt backing was very square - the top measured square and appeared to lay flat, once again and used a Quilter's Dream cotton/poly batting. I had absolutely no trouble with the quilt at all - so I'm guessing the backing was the problem. Such a simple resolution - thank you all! Mary
  4. I am relatively new to longarm quilting. I have a APQS Millennium with stitch regulator and I just finished a quilt top - a square in a square foundation pieced "I Spy" child's quilt. When I finished it, my points all matched perfectly and the quilt could not have laid flatter - not a single bump or "blousy" block. I put it on the machine - pinned it and it really looked good. However, as I was quilting, I found that it just didn't lay flat in all places as I worked my way across the quilt. Some blocks appeared to be blousy than others and with an overall meandering stitch, some of the b
  5. I really appreciate all the information on thread. I had a major problem with thread breakage and I thought it was that I just am too inexperienced to run a long arm machine. I tried everything - other than switching thread - because it was a brand new spool, I didn't have a problem with the spool before that one and felt good when I ran my fingers along the thread. I was so upset (I had a major meltdown) and ready to just give up on trying to use the long arm machine. I had just had it retimed (my hubby retimed it) after I accidently hit a pin an blew a fuse. Being the calm, cool and col
  6. Thank you all for the wonderful advise! I will try everything that you mentioned, including PRACTICE! I really think the wheels on my machine are too tight. I think that's what's causing the jerky movements. I have had the introductory class in Des Moines, but I didn't know enough about my machine when I took the class. It would be better if I would take it now! Thank you again to everyone. I really appreciate the time you all took to answer.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm very new at Long Arm Quilting. I have a APQS Millenium. I'm not doing it as a business - just for myself at this point. Here's my problem: I have a very difficult time controling the machine. Does it just take practice - or am I doing something wrong? I wanted to quilt a border and had a very simple curved design that was on a paper roll that sticks to the border. I find that as soon as I try to follow the lines, I have a VERY difficult time staying ON the lines. My quilting gets out of control almost immediately. I feel like the machine takes off so fast (I use the
  8. I'm so frustrated. :mad: I accidentally hit a pin when I was quilting a border and, of course broke my needle. I know the timing is now WAY OFF now (and I JUST had it re-timed). BUT - the major problem is that my machine turned off when I hit the pin like it blew a fuse and I cannot get it to come back on. It's not the wall outlet - so I know it has to be the machine. Is there a re-set button on the machine or did I completely ruin it? I'm so upset. Any advise would be most appreciated. Thanks, Mary