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  1. Just got mine delivered last week, I too was super excited! Watching out the window for the truck, it was like a 5 yr old waiting on Santa! Have fun with your new baby!
  2. I think they turned out beautiful! I can't believe you just got your long arm a short time ago.
  3. Went and picked up dinner, had to pause for food. Then we had to run to a mtg at school for one of the kids. Finally by 9:30 it was all put together. Plugged her in and powered it all up. Everything appears to work. Now to get ready for work today. Can't wait to get time for a play date. I appreciate all the greetings, I know you have all been just where I am right now. Thanks again.
  4. Hubby and driver just finished unloading all these boxes. Now the real fun begins!
  5. Got word my machine is finally shipping, I should receive her on Monday. Hoping the weather does not cause any further delays. Gonna be a long weekend of waiting, then we will wait some more before Lucy can come up and get us all set up. I guess we will spend the weekend piecing more tops. That way we will have plenty of practice quilts to learn what we are doing. #EXCITED!
  6. Heard from Heidi on Monday that my payment was received and they would be getting my machine ready to ship. Called and talked to shipping on Thursday to check status as I still had not heard anything yet. Was informed they are waiting on the legs to come in before they can ship it. I am not a very patient person so this is starting to get me a little crazy. I check my email about 50 times a day hoping there will be something new regarding the shipping, but nothing yet. Hopefully sometime next week the Millennium will arrive. In the mean time, we have totally redone the "Quilting Room" It use
  7. Hello- Just want to thank everyone who posts anything on this forum. I have been reading and re reading this forum for 2 years and finally made the leap. Ordered my Millenium on Sunday! Cant wait for it to arrive. Have been using a Viking machine on an Inspira frame for the past 2 years. Good for learning basics, but definitely no where near the possibilities that the APQS machine have. Again just wanted to thank everyone here for valuable information you all have provided.
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