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  1. Hi friends... My mom passed away unexpectedly the 23rd of November. I was able to spend the last 4 days with her...but it was tough going...LET ME TELL YOU!!!!!! I also now have a 15 year old daughter, (mom and dad had adopted her at 3)...Dad also passed away 1 1/2 years ago... needless to passion is creativity, and drive is gone....I haven't been out to see my machine, (Molly) in over two months......... I am struggling to become a "mom: to a 15 year old...and keep something of ":myself" and my space....creativity, and quilting...Oh, goodness, who am I to complain,
  2. Thank you everybody! I just needed to be sure I wasn't totally losing it when I found myself mumbling under my breath about not wanting to rip the darned thing out! This is a customer I will never quilt for again. She is in my quilt guild, but I am President, so she would have trouble bad-mouthing me. You have all been helpful...I normally really like quilting...Really.....I swear.... mumble....mumble..... Have a great day! Karen
  3. Hi quilting friends...Martingale & Company/That Patchwork Place:) is having their Warehouse Sale! $5.00 a book for many of their titles! Be sure to check out the craft item sale also, as they have magnets, coasters, and recipe tins. Just go to their website!
  4. Hi all... I have been longarming for YEARS...and have never come across this conundrum in my own business. although I know it was bound to happen. I just need some sage advice...(okay, it doesn't have to be sage) I recently quilted two reproduction quilts for a customer that I have quilted for in the past. They both turned out wonderful. One had borders, and the other one didn't. The customer was unhappy with the border size when I laid the quilt out for her to see, but hey, that wasn't my problem. ) I got an email from her a couple days later, telling me she didn't like the quilt d
  5. Hi all. The link will be up again on the 9th, and the 15th...The "Batik Beauties" book is one of my favorites, and you can't beat the price. I hope you were able to download the book ferret. If not, go through the motions on the website, and click the buttons like you were buying the book...The price is 0.00... Don't do it now though, until the 9th, or 15th! If you continue to have trouble, just call Martingale at 1-800-426-3126... I am in charge of the facebook page with Martingale, and really appreciate those of you that responded! we will have more offers like this as we go al
  6. Hi everybody, For those of you that are on Facebook, Martingale & Company just started their Facebook page. If you become a fan, you will receive a free download of one of their out-of-print books. This is a pretty darned good deal. You can access the site at: Martingale & Company/That Patchwork Place. Put that in your search bar, and a page will come up with your choices. Click on the Martingale logo, and it will take you to the page. Become a fan, and then click on the link on the wall. You can also access from their website at Enjoy.....;)
  7. My Machine, (she has the name of "Molly"), has been at the "spa" in Iowa for a bit...getting a full "treatment." I have called a couple of times to check on her, to be sure she was behaving...(she has been) I finally sent an email yesterday, because I hadn't heard all of what she was going to need to happen before she is able to come home healthy...and I was beginning to stress about the time that she has been there. (okay, I miss her, and I have quilts piling up waiting to be quilted) Amy, (bless her heart), called me yesterday afternoon, and had taken the time to pull Molly apart and e
  8. Hi Heidi... I think this is going to be a pretty expensive spa vacation...My poor machine, I've never named her...(it was going to be Millie, but that is the name of my ex Mother In Law, so that spoiled it for me) needs a bit of an uplift. (I need an uplift too...probably not in Iowa though) It has been kind of lonely without her around...I may actually clean my studio now...(what a concept) I will take pictures of her bright and shiny when she gets home...I just can't wait. Believe it or not, I miss her already. Onward and Upward. Karen
  9. Hi there...My machine is going on vacation to Iowa. She is currently en-route...via UPS. She was a little nervous, but I told her it was like visiting "family." It takes about 5 days for her to get there...(slow boat to Iowa)...coming from the Seattle she will be there on Friday. She is in need of some spa treatments...a thorough cleaning, etc...She has never come to visit before, and she is probably at least 6 years old. Please be kind...She is nervous. I look forward to hearing how she acts...She had a thorough lecture about proper manners before she was boxed up for safet
  10. Hi...I had that same problem, and got some old aprons that I wear when I sew...It protects my clothing, and makes me look almost domestic...
  11. Hi everybody! After taking a class from Deloa at Innovations, i would HIGHLY recommend a retreat that involves her and all the rest of the teachers listed here! Dave, (Deloa's husband), was nice enough to come out and look at, and work on my Millenium while they were here! It was TRULY a wonderful thing. I cannot wait to get out to my shop, and try out my new, and improved Mille!!!!! Deloa, thank you! Dave, thank you! I look forward to scheduling a retreat out here in the Great Northwest very soon! Also, maintenance classes, and the ability for us to purchase the WONDERFUL lighting s
  12. OOOOOH! That is just beautiful, and I look forward to seeing your quilt at Innovations. I would LOVE to see the outside border work up close! It looks absolutely fantastic! Who knew a fish could be so pretty? Great job! Karen Burns Compulsive Quilting Carnation, Washington
  13. Hi Denise, Nice to meet you. I am not a breast cancer survivor, but I am an admireror (okay, that spelling isn't right) of your strength, and ability to see the positive! I have found that quilting, and the friendships I have made because of it, have helped me through many a rocky road. I hope that you have a good experience as you go! Thank you for your post, and know that you are, and will be an inspiration for many! Keep posting, and continue to let us know how you are doing! Take care of yourself! Karen Burns Carnation, Washington
  14. Hi all, I have a bug jar quilt on my machine, and am feeling stumped. Has anyone ever done one, and do you have a picture that I can look at for ideas on how to quilt the darned thing? I am gone for the afternoon, but need to get working on it this evening. I will think positive that somebody has ideas...(I certainly don't!) Thank you ahead of time for your thoughts on this. I am VERY open to suggestions! Have a beautiful day, Karen Burns Carnation, Washington
  15. Good morning all! I just received an email from one of the QOV ladies in charge of getting longarmers. Quilts of Valor is an organization that provides quilts for injured soldiers...ANyway, they are pieced by others, and then sent to a longarmer. The organization is short longarmers in the east, and also in California. They have more quilts, then people able to do them right now. If you have the time, (Maybe not time), or energy, (okay maybe not the energy), or want to do something good, (yes that is it), it is a great organization to volunteer for. Whenever I finish a quilt, I send