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  1. thank you LInda R. for your reply. The key was standing in FRONT of the machine. Thank you so much. it came out easily and i was able to replace it with no problem.
  2. How do I change the light bulb on my 2005 Millennium? I tried to "roll" it out (standing behind the machine). It didn't budge - - it looks like there are prongs on each end of the light bulb. I don't want to break anything.... advise please! thanks in advance! Julie K
  3. I have a Millennium 2005. The hook assembly seems to have a lot of play in it. it's very loose - i can move it left-right by hand. Should this be tightened? (I've never had to re-time my machine. if I tighten it - will I cause a bigger problem?) Just wondering... Julie K
  4. Thank you LibbyG - I already tried to adjust with the #8 screw. Not working. I speed up and slowed down - neither adjustment worked.
  5. My needle up/down is not behaving. It won't do a single stitch up or down. Sometimes it stops after 14 up/downs. sometimes it doesn't stop at all and I have to shut the machine off. Also, the lights on the back of the machine are not registering a stop. When I quilt in SR mode, I press any key to stop. Except there are 3 lights on the right-hand side are indicating that I have not stopped. Left message for service. any suggestions? In the middle of a quilt, of course. I have a Millie 2005 which was rewired in 2008.
  6. thanks! That answers my questions! Julie
  7. this is probably a dumb question....but I've heard some mention "Quilt Glide".... what is this? I see that "Bliss" is refering to new hardware (table rails, carridge, wheels, etc. detailed very clearly by Dawn C. on the forum.)
  8. I am using Quilter's Dream Batting. It's never been a problem, until I had to switch needle brands. I can loosen the quilt sandwich a bit. Good tip. Where did you buy your Singer MR needles?
  9. I've been getting needle-holes in my quilts. Looks like a million little holes in the quilt, which you can see when you hold it up and a light is behind it or look at it from underneath, while it is still loaded on the table. I use a new needle with every quilt. Sometimes 2 needles for one quilt, if a King size. I most often use 3.5 size needles with So Fine Thread. Size 4.0 for Rainbow, Highlight threads, which are slippery. 3.0 for Batiks. I have found this happening with Groz-Beckert and Schmetz brand needles. I can't find Singer MR sewing needles any more. (they were bough
  10. I agree - the batting make a huge difference. One more thought for you.... I have a sampler with different background fills and one section has a meander with different densities. Tiny-micro - small - medium and large. If it's a new client - I ask her how she dense she likes her quilting, or use it when I am suggesting something. hope this helps.
  11. I love the quilt. Such a great idea and she will treasure it. I believe one should get credit for their work. I have a sentence at the bottom of my work order that says: "If this quilt is displayed in public or published in any way, such as a quilt show, state fair, magazine, etc. I agree to credit Julie Karlak / Simply Divine Quilt Company as the quilter." I can't actually police this. I know that some quilters put their signature mark (a quilting design) into the quilt somewhere. Linda Taylor quilts a little hand. I really like the idea from a previous post that puts her nam
  12. Thank you so much for sharing the book description. I appreciate it and I'm just tickled pink!
  13. It is beautiful - well deserved ribbons!!! Congratulations
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