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  1. thank you LInda R. for your reply. The key was standing in FRONT of the machine. Thank you so much. it came out easily and i was able to replace it with no problem.
  2. How do I change the light bulb on my 2005 Millennium? I tried to "roll" it out (standing behind the machine). It didn't budge - - it looks like there are prongs on each end of the light bulb. I don't want to break anything.... advise please! thanks in advance! Julie K
  3. I have a Millennium 2005. The hook assembly seems to have a lot of play in it. it's very loose - i can move it left-right by hand. Should this be tightened? (I've never had to re-time my machine. if I tighten it - will I cause a bigger problem?) Just wondering... Julie K
  4. Thank you LibbyG - I already tried to adjust with the #8 screw. Not working. I speed up and slowed down - neither adjustment worked.
  5. My needle up/down is not behaving. It won't do a single stitch up or down. Sometimes it stops after 14 up/downs. sometimes it doesn't stop at all and I have to shut the machine off. Also, the lights on the back of the machine are not registering a stop. When I quilt in SR mode, I press any key to stop. Except there are 3 lights on the right-hand side are indicating that I have not stopped. Left message for service. any suggestions? In the middle of a quilt, of course. I have a Millie 2005 which was rewired in 2008.
  6. thanks! That answers my questions! Julie
  7. this is probably a dumb question....but I've heard some mention "Quilt Glide".... what is this? I see that "Bliss" is refering to new hardware (table rails, carridge, wheels, etc. detailed very clearly by Dawn C. on the forum.)
  8. I am using Quilter's Dream Batting. It's never been a problem, until I had to switch needle brands. I can loosen the quilt sandwich a bit. Good tip. Where did you buy your Singer MR needles?
  9. I've been getting needle-holes in my quilts. Looks like a million little holes in the quilt, which you can see when you hold it up and a light is behind it or look at it from underneath, while it is still loaded on the table. I use a new needle with every quilt. Sometimes 2 needles for one quilt, if a King size. I most often use 3.5 size needles with So Fine Thread. Size 4.0 for Rainbow, Highlight threads, which are slippery. 3.0 for Batiks. I have found this happening with Groz-Beckert and Schmetz brand needles. I can't find Singer MR sewing needles any more. (they were bought out). Does anyone have a source for Singer MR needles? This was never an issue when I used those. Quilts are cotton fabrics. Batting is Quilters Dream blend, select loft. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. I agree - the batting make a huge difference. One more thought for you.... I have a sampler with different background fills and one section has a meander with different densities. Tiny-micro - small - medium and large. If it's a new client - I ask her how she dense she likes her quilting, or use it when I am suggesting something. hope this helps.
  11. I love the quilt. Such a great idea and she will treasure it. I believe one should get credit for their work. I have a sentence at the bottom of my work order that says: "If this quilt is displayed in public or published in any way, such as a quilt show, state fair, magazine, etc. I agree to credit Julie Karlak / Simply Divine Quilt Company as the quilter." I can't actually police this. I know that some quilters put their signature mark (a quilting design) into the quilt somewhere. Linda Taylor quilts a little hand. I really like the idea from a previous post that puts her name in perment ink on the back right edge of the quilt, so it will be covered by binding. I hope the majority of our customers will give credit to us for the quilting and include it on the label, but I'm sure some don't.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing the book description. I appreciate it and I'm just tickled pink!
  13. It is beautiful - well deserved ribbons!!! Congratulations