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  1. Viki, I don't usually post on the board just read the forums....Only because I sold my Millennium and feel like I don't have much to contribute but I did have to say something to your post....I am sooo sorry this has happened to your daughter!!! But I did want to say if it were me I would be going to every house in the neighborhood on the pretense of warning people that there is someone in the neighborhood shooting animals...this too me is a teenager that got a bow for Christmas and was outside shooting it for fun!! Maybe they did not mean it but maybe they did...But If you went around and warned people what was going on they probably would not admit their child got a bow for Christmas just to protect them...But if they didn't know what the child did and had ANY decency they would take that bow away and punish the child by grounding or whatever!!! This irks me to no end!!! What is this world coming to!!!
  2. I am about 12 miles from Portland... Email me if you have any other questions.
  3. Refreshing.... Now that we have Christmas out of the way!!
  4. I WON!! The Alex Anderson Retreat........ Can you believe it??? I am sooo excited.... I can hardly think!!
  5. I just wanted to say.... I have had a couple emails asking if I would break up the Millennium/Compuquilter.... This is just a heads up that I won\'t break it up. It is the ultimate in a package and I want it to go someone that wants the whole package!! I love this machine and I know that someone else will love the whole package as much as I have.... I am willing to wait until that person comes along because at this time I don\'t need to sell it.
  6. Refreshing.... I know one of you would just really love this !!!! LOL
  7. I was thinking about your questions again and I also on the last row will go and set zero.... then if you go to the execute screen and in the middle there is that box that says pattern starts. Click the dot that says lower left corner and then click go to start.... then from there go back and click the lower right corner and then click go to start again and when doing this the actual head of the machine will actually go to the lower left corner and then the lower right corner and as it is going you can actually see pretty much where the stitching is going to end out on the bottom of the quilt. I usually judge this with an extra quarter of an inch added away from the bottom and honestly I have never had any problem with going off the end of the quilt. And doing this.... Don't tell the customers but I have gotten away with 2 inches on the sides... I always ask for more but I do know for my own I can get away with 2 inches. And honestly I know that this is probably more than some do but its my way of knowing that I am going to get this done and its going to be right.
  8. Pam, I never pin baste... I always sew baste it... Not sure how you're customers would like it but I have never had any complaints. And as far as always going over on the right.... I have always adapted the policy to test the length of each row because it seems like no quilt is the same length on each row... when I get to each new row I set zero and then click on the go to end button and the machine will go all the way over to the other end and you can tell exactly where the row will end. If its a little over just adjust the length of each row and it will never go over then! And going over on the bottom.... I'm not sure why you would be doing that, I will always lay out the top on the floor and measure it from both sides entering it in the computer and then I click the show layout button and the picture will show you what the pattern will look like exactly on the quilt and if you have room between each row then go up and click the stretch button and then go over and click the pattern height numbers and it will come up with a little box asking if you want to make the pattern fit the quilt measurements... click yes and it will stretch the pattern to fit the quilt perfectly.... As far as stopping with the abort button when the thread runs out.... I have never heard of anything other than that. Maybe there is something but I don't know about it! I know I ramble on and on but I hope it helps and maybe someone else can add to it!
  9. I have always been told by everyone that I sent these emails to and questioning whether they were legitimate or not was.... If your first name is not mentioned in these emails they are not the real thing and they should be totally ignored! My understanding is they can send you these emails and try to get you to respond but 99% of the time they do not know your first name! So that is what I have always followed and its worked so far.....
  10. I to had that problem when I had first started and honestly I struggled with it for about a month and just said I have had enough and went and purchased a stand alone bobbin winder and have not had any trouble with that since! For the $100 or so dollars that it cost for a stand alone bobbin winder I would give it a try! What do you have to loose? JMHO..
  11. At this time I would'nt, I think that the fact that they are together is a really good combination for someone out there. Sorry.