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  1. When I purchase my Milli, I had limited space and ordered it with a 10 foot table. I have more space now, and ordered larger table. Have table and polls which are 10 foot. You add to your legs. Price is $550.00. You get the four rollers, three with the heavy canvas and two rails for the table section which your machine rolls on. You supply your legs. All are in excellent shape, no bows or scratches or bends. The acyriic on the table has never been lifted. They are packed in the boxes my longer pieces came in, and packed well. Location North Central Alabama. You pay shipping. May email for add
  2. I have read the comments, and I agree the quilt is gorgeous!. What are M&M wheels? What do they do? How much do they cost? Where do I find out all t his stuff? I take it you have to have a Circle Lord (which I don't) to use the M&M. I want to learn and grow my business, which is mighty slow.
  3. I had an "oops" the other day. I just barely caught the edge of a 1/4" acrylic ruler on the edge of the hopping foot. (Took my breath away). Well, I guess I couldn't see any problem on the dark quilt that i finished. But, the next quilt is a light one, using dark thread. When I move vertically, I have a side step in the line, just the slightest, but noticable. When I quilt horizontially, stitches look fine. Is this a timing issue due to my jump onto the acrylic? If not what and how to fix??? Need all replies. Thanks, SM;)
  4. I have had only one experience with a quilt in which both the top and bottom were batik. It was not a happy time. There were two issues that I was dealing with and am unsure as to which one ( or combination of) created the problem which was occasionally a thread loop on top. Her backing was pieced batik and her batting choice was a nearly 1/2 inch thick poly (I had never used before) . I have quilted a batik top before with Hobbs 80/20 with no problem at all, but the backing was regular 100% cotton ( not batik). The next quilt I put on ( no adjustment) went great.
  5. Thanks friends for the replies and thoughts. I think Mary Beth may be right on. Anyway, it is a pill I must swallow. Heidi may have a great suggestion about basting from center out first. Myrna, Claudia others, just jump right in. Thanks to everyone's reply. SM
  6. I have a king size New York Beauty to quilt for a customer, she has painstakingly pieced the backing so that the circular medallion (on the front) will fit into pieced squares on the back. She marked the center lines horizontal and vertical with large basting stitches. I have never tried to place a top section onto a specific backing section before. If I quilt the center medallion first, then work to sides or top or whatever would be best, would this be the way to go? I have never started in the center before. Are there any tricks or tips you could share or suggest ?? or a different avenue al
  7. I purchased my Millennium in 2004 with a 10 foot table because of limited space. I am happy to say I now have a larger room, and just purchased 12' rails and acrylic table top section. So, I would like to sell the 10' rails. Everything is like new and clean. If you need to change to a smaller table, please inquire. The price is $600.00, plus shipping which you would work out. I am in Cullman, AL. They would ship in two long boxes (rails) and one 10' flat box (table top marked fragile). I have zippers sewn on the top and back leaders, which you can have to use or take off. Pay Pal would be gre
  8. Well, I am so new, I don't even know the jargon! Maybe if I keep reading, and interpreting, it will make sense. My "milli" ( see I am learing) should be delivered within a week). I don't know what floating is, I am not sure what you do with the postit notes on the pantos, see I'm clueless. Is there any place to get real live instruction on the Milli? I know to look on the APQS for general help, but I am a very visual person. Sharon I don't even know how to smile!!!! Is that working?
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