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  1. I'm a little confused by this. I know you can buy zippers, and I know you can buy leaders, but can you actually buy leaders with the zippers already attached? I think that is what the original poster was asking.
  2. Also, Cottonmill Thread Works (in Dundas, Ontario) for Superior Thread.
  3. Really pretty. Well done!
  4. I have cats (and dogs) but the cats are generally not allowed in my sewing room. They will certainly sleep in the hammock that a loaded quilt top provides, as well as in the batting when it is on the floor. I suppose there might be ways you could dissuade them (flip the batting onto the quilt top, and cover the whole thing with a big sheet of plastic, or something 'crinkly' when you are not using the machine) but that's a lot of work for you and as you probably know, cats can be very determined! Good luck! Janice
  5. Hi Teresa, I like your comments and stories. Is there a way to add a banner or scrolling banner (dont know if that is the correct term) across the top, so that there is some 'eye candy' before reading the words? I know you have some photos in the actual blog posts, but I wonder if a bit more overall color might jazz it us a bit. If your customers allow you to, I think I would also post more (bigger) pictures of the quilts you do for them. That would be a great way for potential customers to see your work. Just a few thoughts, Janice
  6. What a really pretty quilt, and lively quilting. I love it! Janice
  7. Great news Teresa! I'm really happy for you.
  8. We'll all be thinking of you, and sending you good thoughts Valerie! You said "she". Does that mean you will have 4 girls? Your poor husband! In a few years, you might have to build an outhouse for him, 'cause he'll never get to see the inside of the one(s) in the house
  9. Really pretty, Charlotte. I had our dining room painted while I was away at MQX ... that would look just right
  10. Well, I think I am finally waking up after a very busy and intense 5+ days at MQX in New Hampshire. The weather was quite cool, so I didn't get to see anything outside of the hotel, but I wouldn't have had time anyway as I was so busy. I probably booked myself into jtoo many classes - I had 6 x 4-hour hands on long arm classes; 1 with Karen McTavish, 1 with Judi Madsen, 2 with Barbara Persing, and 2 with Margaret Solomon Gunn. On top of that, I went to a 2 hour lecture, the Ice Cream Social, the Quilters Forum, and the Banquet. Several people here on the forum asked me to take photos of thei
  11. Really pretty, Linda. I have a top to quilt which has 98 biggish flying geese. I may have to borrow some of your designs! Janice
  12. Valerie, I tried to send you a private message but I think your mail box must be full. Do you want me to post the photos here, or send them to your email address? If the latter, could you please send me your email address? Janice
  13. Valerie, I am,only just back from MQX. I know you got the photos from others, but I'll send you the ones I took once I've had some sleep! Janice
  14. I'm going Valerie. Just on my way out the door for the airport. Good job I checked the forum before leaving! I'll do my best for you, Janice
  15. Thank you all for the nice comments. Betsy, the quilt pattern is called Chain Link, and is from a book called Link to the 30s, by Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine. It requires partial seams, which I didn't like at first, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad. Janice
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