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  1. I live just north of Cincinnati and have gone to the NQA show in Columbus every year for several years now. I have taken many classes from some wonderful and well known quilters during the 3 day show too. I agree, you should look over the web site at all that is available to you on the day you go. The quilts are beautiful and the vendors are great.
  2. I add my prayers to all the others. So very sorry for all your family's pain.
  3. I understand there are news stories in the Sandusky, Ohio newspapers. It had their pictures. I did not know the son or granddaughter.
  4. My friend said the shoes were crocs. He wore them all the time. They could come off easily, maybe, if he fell into the water or he may have kicked them off if he went into the water if his daughter fell in?? I'm having a hard time with not having life jackets. A terrible price to pay for a mistake like that.
  5. They are presumed lost at this point. Neither the father or daughter were wearing flotation devices. My friend's son was 30 and his daughter was 12. My friend returned to her home tonight. Thank you for praying for them. It sustained my friend.
  6. Thank you all. The Coast guard called off the search last night. Water temp yesterday was only 39 degrees. I am praying for resolution for them, that they be found alive or their bodies found. They don't know how to proceed.
  7. They still haven't found them. Until they are found we are praying they are still safe somewhere. My friend said all the prayers are holding her up. She doesn't know how to get through this without them.
  8. Thank you all. Just heard from her and they haven't found them yet. My heart just breaks for her.
  9. A dear quilter friend of mine is standing at this moment at the water's edge near Sandusky waiting word from the Coast guard who is searching for her son and his 12 yr. old daughter. They went kayaking yesterday afternoon and have not returned. Coast guard has been searching since early this morning and found the kayaks and his shoes. Search teams are still searching for the 2 of them. She texts me with updates and has said she knows prayers are being lifted up for her because she feels the strength from them while she waits. Just thought I'd ask for a few more on her behalf. Can't imagine
  10. I have a Baby Lock Ellegante ll and love it. Bought it new about 4 years ago and have not trouble with it all. Love the features and how it sews. I take really good care of my machines and change the needles and clean them out after projects and take them yearly for cleaning. I agree about having a good dealer though. Baby Lock wants their dealers to be good and their customers happy. I had Baby Lock tell me once that they would take the dealership away from someone if customers complained about the shop too much.
  11. That is a good idea. As a new poster to this forum, I haven't always been sure where to put a post.
  12. If anyone is interested and ready to buy this lift from Karen, PLEASE do so!!. I don't know for sure if my expressing interest in this is keeping someone else from offering to buy or not, but I wondered if I could be holding a sale up while I am "researching" and I do not want to do that!! What I am trying to find out is whether I need to buy all new brackets from APQS so this lift will fit on a table with Bliss. If so, I don't know the cost of those yet nor do I know all the shipping costs to Ohio. In my brain, I need to put all that together before I can make a decision. I have a budget a
  13. Karen, I am interested in the lift. Just trying to check out shipping. I don't know how to find a shipper, do you? do you box it up or how does that work? Does it matter if my table has the Bliss system on it? I am very new to this and I don't have any experience with anything long arm. This is all new to me.
  14. Karen, I am interested in the lift. I sent you a message. Just checking details about shipping. I don't know how to find a shipper. Do you box it up or how is that done exactly?
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