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  1. Oh, Myrna, I am so sorry for the loss of your SIL. We lost my BIL two years ago and it is devastating for everyone. It is wonderful that you can be there to help support your brother and his kids during this time of grief. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God give you comfort during this time of sadness. Janet
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, I knew I could count on you to give me some great ideas. Now to the grease spot! Janet
  3. I was almost finished with a quilt when I somehow got grease from the machine on it. Not only is it the thick grease from inside the machine, it got on kona snow!!!! I tried using Dawn dish soap on it and also oxyclean stain remover, but neither worked. Does anyone have any suggestions? If I can't get the stain out, what do you recommend when giving it to the customer? Discount or done for free? Please give me any suggestions as I am really stressing over this. Thanks so much. Janet
  4. I have moved and would like to update my profile but am not sure how to do this. Can anyone help? Thanks! Janet
  5. Welcome! I haven't been on in awhile as we moved this winter and then I visited family for three weeks. It is nice to finally get settled in and start quilting again. You will love your millie and don't hesitate to ask questions. I still ask for help and I have had my millie for 6 years. This is a great group and you will enjoy making friends here. By the way, I live in Granville, OH which is about 25 minutes east of Columbus. Janet
  6. Wow Heidi, You really cleaned up on the ribbons!!!! You deserve every one of them because your work is breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing with us. What an inspiration. Janet
  7. Thanks so much for your suggestiions, ladies, I knew I could count on you. Good to know there is a place to get the large cones on mono! I have been afraid to try it, but am about to jump in with both feet and use it on a customer quilt (at her request). Wish me luck! Janet
  8. I recently got the attachment for the millenium that allows you to use small spools of thread on the machine. I am unsure where to attach it and also not sure if the machine will still be threaded the same way. Also does this cause tension issues? I need to quilt a quilt with Mono Poly and have only been able to find it on the small spools. Thanks so much for all your input. Janet
  9. Beautiful job. I love the CC with the feathers. Janet
  10. Welcome! I agree you should wait on most of the extras. I have had my millie for 4 years and don't have zippers, rulers or the wheels you mentioned. I do suggest getting extra needles (both 4.0 and 3.5 size) as well as an extra bobbin case. I didn't insert mine in right when I first got my machine and put a big dent in it. Couldn't get the bobbin out! Had to order another one and that took about a week to get so I couldn't play. Also, Isacord thread is great and economical. I get it at Threadetc.com. Have fun and don't be afraid to try lots of designs! Janet
  11. Welcome and congratulations! I live on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio and the NQs is a good show that is here sometime during the month of June. It is closer to home if that is an issue. Good luck naming your "baby" and having so much fun with her. Janet
  12. I made 1474! Hey Karen you guys are way ahead of everyone now. You are great and I loved taking your classes at Camp Mowana last fall. Will try to post a picture from there when my husband gets home Friday. I still haven't learned how. By the way we have lots of snow and a 1/2 inch layer of ice inbetween the falling snow. Supposed to get 4-7 inches today. Looks beautiful, but not to go out in. I plan to stay home and quilt. Maybe I'll work on the whole cloth I started with you a Camp. Janet
  13. Thanks Nadia, I am going to do this mystery quilt as well. I love surprises!!! What a great way for quilters to start their new year. Janet
  14. Thanks Ladies, The Dawn worked beautifully. I'll have to keep the Carbona and Simple Green on hand in case of future accidents. Hopefully I can be more watchful in the future and not get any spots on a customer top. Janet