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  1. Great Job Ramona! Looks fabulous, keep up the good work! Lynn:P
  2. WOW! Will I ever be able to do that???????? I too am drooling! Claudia, it is simply breathtaking........... Lynn:D
  3. WOW! Grammie is like my idol! I want so much to get a machine and start a business, and I have told my hubby that I would work fulltime, quilt on the side, and pay off my machine as quickly as I could, but he is still not convinced. There are so many things standing in the way that I don't see how it will ever happen. My hubby keeps asking how I know that I want to long arm quilt when I have never even touched a long arm quilter, and I can't answer him except to say..I just know. He can't justify the money, and we are about to sell our house and move to an apartment for a year or so, thinking that we might build, or move to a ranch condo. Too many things to deal with now, but I know as well as I know my name that I want to do this. I just can't see how I can.........
  4. Congrats Grammie on finishing your first quilt! I am a long arm wannabe, and have never even touched one. I can't justify the cost of the machine for a hobby, and that is all I am now. But, I am working on it. I wanted to say that I love bidding on the quilts on EBay, but have never actually won a quilt. Everytime, someone outbids me, and I don't get back in time to bid before it ends. I collect the old quilts and quilt tops, and I would like to find more. Good Luck on your LA, I am so envious! Lynn:(
  5. 9patch, This quilt is beautiful! I love the colors and the quilting is great too. I know that you said that you were a beginner, but it looks wonderful!
  6. WOW! that is a beautiful quilt and you did such a great job! Keep up the ggod work! Lynn:D