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  1. I have already taken the quilt off the frame when I noticed 2 areas that have birdsnest on the back of the quilt. Any suggestions on how to fix?
  2. Trying to quilt pot holders on my longarm. Tension issues. Would Insulbright cause tension issues and if so, what do I need to consider in order to get my tension correct?
  3. This would be like winning the quilting lottery! So wish I could do it! Lol...
  4. I think...(keep your fingers crossed) that I've got it. Thank you so much Teresa for that wonderful step-by-step direction. I did a few stitches and they look good; however, it is past my bedtime now so I have to give it up. UGH! Torn between quilting and sleeping!!!! LOL.
  5. I bought my used Ultimate machine about 4 months ago. It is non stitch regulated and an older model. I could not justify the purchase of a new machine since this was my first LA. I have been practicing a lot and finally yesterday felt that I was up to the challenge of quilting my first customer quilt. I had just finished a nursery panel and was very pleased with my effort so coming off a successful endeavor I felt up to the challenge. I loaded my customer quilt. I have oiled my machine. I have changed needles. Purchased new super Bob pre wound bobbins and have threaded my machine. I u
  6. Didnt break needle, no thread pieces in bobbin case.
  7. I was doing some free motion quilting when I inadvertently hit a thick seam. My thread broke and I rethreaded only to find my bobbin thread will not pull up thru my quilt sandwich. It appears to be catching on the assembly, but still not coming up. I have replaced the needle with a new one and it is in correctly. I am totally intimidated with the thought of having to retime the machine. Please give me some direction on what to do next.
  8. 100% natural clean cotton. Brand is Soft N Crafty Toasty Batting. I looked on line, but think this maybe their own personal brand? Robbin
  9. Jo Ann Fabrics has their batting on sale. Looks like a great deal at $99.99 on sale with regular price at 274.99. This is a web sale only. Has anyone used this batting? I usually use Warm and Natural. Just wanted some input before I order this. Thanks for the information. Robbin
  10. Can someone point me in the direction of a good binding tutorial? My first quilt isoff my longarm and I need to finish it! So hooked!!!!! Robbin
  11. Are the irons used during quilting different than your regular household iron? I'm wondering why they are sooo expensive in quilting shops/stores or if they just want you to think they are different?
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Barb was so kind to come to my house and get me up and running. Thank y you Barb. Obviously, i couldn't have done it without you!
  13. I forget to mention I am using 40 weight all cotton thread the previous owner used.