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  1. I am trying to help a sister Longarm Quilter. Her problem is that she has a block that had a photo transfer with a cowgirl face on it. She quilted feathers around the outer edge of the block and now the center is all wavy. I suggested that she add extra batting under each cowgirl block and outline each face. What suggestions do you have? Thanks Sandy West
  2. This morning my machine would not run. It is a Millennium Purchased November 2005. This is what I did this morning. I plug the machine into an electrical wall outlet. I turned on the machine ON Switch on the side of the machine near the panto side. Immediately the machine made a pop sound and the needle went down. After 2 seconds another pop sound and the needle went up about half way. Then I turned off the machine switch. Again I turned on the machine and it made the same pop sound and the needle went down. Using the switch on the mushroom head I pushed the control and ON button (blue) to make the machine run. Nothing happened. I then changed the speed to a faster setting. But the machine would not run. I unplugged and then plugged back in the power cord at the machine. The machine then made the normal sound that it makes when first turned on, but the machine would not run. I touched checked the wires around the encoder wheel and with each touched the popping sounds occurred. I looked at the red lights and #6 ( the motor speed sensor) was not on. Although nothing was happening I decided to leave the machine switch on while I looked for information on the internet. I returned to the machine and then I tried turning on the Stitch Regulator and the machine started running. Next I stopped the machine and started it again in manual mode. It ran fine. I am still worried about why my machine would not come on this morning. I spent about one hour trying to trouble shoot. I am glad that my machine came on but I would still like to have some idea of what is going on with my machine. My machine was running fine 3 days ago, please advise. I appreciate any comments. Thnaks, Sandy Texas:mad::mad:
  3. I have tried just about everything and the thread keeps breaking after 3 to 4 stitches. I think that the thread is breaking at the needle eye and the hook. I have tried the following with luck. 1) changed the needle and reposition to various position 2)checked the thread path 3) rechecked the bobbin case tension 4) loosened the top tension 5) checked for burs on the hook assembly 6) changed to a different thread 7) checked the thread path for obstruction 8) checked the needle in the down position and the eye can be seen 9 ) checked the pigtail for burrs HELP! I should have have this quilt finished last Tuesday! Sandy West