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  1. Hi, I have a question? Is the Circle Lord something that can be used only on APQS machines?
  2. I just quilted a Thimbleberries quilt and used her new thread she just came out with. The blue, gold and green worked great, but the pink kept breaking about every 5 inches:( I have no idea why?
  3. This might be a dum question, but what is an LA'er?
  4. Thanks for all of the responses. I'm going to order the zippers first thing tomorrow. I think this will solve my problem of nevergetting my own things done. I hate to have my projects tie up my machine. This way when I want to work on a customers project I can just unzip mine and put their project on!!!!!!
  5. I have to say that I just bought Eureka Documentation at the first of the year and I wish I would have had it six years ago when I first started. I have had several customers tell me how much they like the printed receipt. You can't go wrong with this program:P
  6. What is the story with zippered leaders. are they worth the money?
  7. I have been professionally machine quilting for about six years now and although I considered myself flattered that I have a successful business, I'm starting to feel burned out because I'm not getting my own things done. Do you set a certain time aside for yourself? I feel guilty if I do. I also have two small children. Any advice
  8. Hi Jackie, Willow Leaf studio is an excellent source for patterns. One of my favorite quilting patterns from her is called Angel Wings. This quilting pattern is great for baby quilts!!