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  1. Nathalie, il y a en France une compagnie qui produit des molletons (ouate pour quilts) de bonne qualité, pour tous les budgets. Il s\'agit de PSR quilt, et tu devrais trouver leurs coordonnées sur internet ou dans un magazine Quiltmania, où ils passnet régulièrement des annonces. La qualité la plus économique est le molleton "standard", ma qualité préférée est le polyester "Super". Bonne chance avec ta nouvelle Millenium! Marie-Christine
  2. Hi, how far did you get with your sari quilt??? I quilted a silk sateen top lately, and the needle I usd was just great. I sent you a u2u with the specifications. Have a nice day, Marie-Christine
  3. Your quilt is just lovely!!! and I love your "Elyses Garden" too. Thanks for sharing, Marie-Christine
  4. Vicky, your quilt is absolutely lovely! Congratulations for your ribbon, Marie-Christine
  5. Thanks a lot for the compliments! Carla finally got her quilt and is as proud as could be. And asks when she can visit me to start the next one She does use my machine when she's here. She loves to have a piece of muslin or other plain fabric on the machine and "paints" pictures: faces, animals or whatever she thinks of. That's fun! Concerning the pattern again: I found two books on amazon describing this technique, "Stack the Deck" by Karla Alexander (she wrote a few more on this topic) and "Cut-loose Quilts" by Jan Mullen; there certainly are many more. So just keep cool and don't forget to breathe while piecing and quilting Have a nice day, Marie-Christine
  6. I guess it's the feathers that must be fed on thread to look beautiful I made a baby quilt last week, whole cloth quilted with large freehand feathers, and I also was amazed at the amount of thread it took! My favourite thread is Isacord from Amann, also known as Polysheen/Mettler. It's lightweight, gives a very nice stitch and quilts for miles and miles... and I can get a good amount of thread on the bobbin, so I'm not changing bobbins constantly!
  7. Hello Ferret, I agree with Lisa on the fact that customers accept fees more easily when they are in the allover-charge. That's why I consider as many aspects as possible when I make a quote for the quilt: not only color, thread, fabric, but also how the quilt is constructed: well or poorly done, on stabilizer, with bulky seams... only then I can tell a price for this particular quilting on this particular quilt. Before having had a look at the real quilt, I only can give the customers a very approximative estimate, which is a fairly wide range for quilting type xyz. Besides, I don't have trouble with plain backing or contrasting threads. If customers want different colors in top and bottom, I do tell them there's no way to avoid tiny pokies, and leave it up to them to decide if it's Ok or if they prefer matching threads after all. Good luck with your pricing, and have a nice day Marie-Christine
  8. Thank you very much! It was a lot of fun indeed to make this quilt with my niece. I guess I learned as much as she did! like ignoring rules a little bit and not being too picky about accuracy I don't know a name for this pattern. It's a technique that's described in many patchwork books and magazines: take a number of squares, stack them, cut them twice across freehand, switch the colors and put the squares together again, you get the basic block. With Carla, we took four 12"squares. I wish those of you who are quilting with children as much happiness and fun as I had! Have a nice day, Marie-Christine
  9. ...and here's one of the back. The variegated thread shows better Have a nice day, Marie-Christine
  10. ...and here's a detail. You can see more detail photos in the gallery on my website Marie-Christine
  11. This is a quilt I made with my niece Carla, who's only 11. She chose the solids, the pattern, and did the basic block sewing. I squared the blocks up and put them together. Then I was lucky to take Myrna's workshop in Germany, and that boosted my imagination in creating flowers and leaves of all sorts. Thanks Myrna! Enjoy, Marie-Christine
  12. What a wonderfol quilt! WOW! Thanks for sharing, Marie-Christine
  13. Hallo Andrea, ich werde Mittwoch und Donnerstag da sein, und freue mich darauf, Dich / Euch wiederzusehen. Erfahrungsaustausch ist neben dem "Lernen" mit Myrna aus meiner Sicht ein wesentlicher Nebeneffekt eines solchen Kurses, und ich w?rde mich freuen, sowohl meine Erfahrungen weiterzugeben als auch zu h?ren, wie andere den Papierkram handhaben. Liebe Gr??e, und bis n?chste Woche, Marie-Christine
  14. Hi, donating the quilt certainly is a good solution, at least when I'm making the quilt for training and experimental purposes. It certainly does happen, now and then, that the quilting result is not quite what I had expected it to be, but without trying, no gain of experience. But when I'm making a special quilt for myself, I would undo and quilt again. When I compare Judy's unease and mine, I would say that it's not the quilting as such that is the problem - the meandering or panto might as well be ok - I guess it's rather that the IDEA of what the quilt could look like that strives for fulfilment (and having been talked into things I wasn't convinced of...) Happy quilting, Marie-Christine