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  1. Hi, I live near Milwaukee, WI and I have a 14 foot table for my APQS Liberty machine. I want to move it to a different room, but it is too big and I do not want to have to knock out walls. It is 13 years old and in excellent shape. I just retired last week from my full-time job that never gave me much time to quilt. I would really like to swap it with someone who has a 10 foot table. I do NOT have Bliss (although I would really like to have it).
  2. I have used several brands and I like the Printed Treasures the best. They seem to hold their color better and they have a very soft texture, not stiff or plastic like. You should heat set the photo transfer before you use it or lauder it (I usually just throw it in the dryer for a few minutes by itself). I have had my best success with this brand.
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