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  1. I got a photo on fabric. Not sure how it will wash yet as it is for a fund raiser. The web is She does larger than I could do on my printer.
  2. Well, maybe since I have used Dream Wool and liked it so much I will pass on the buy at Joannes.
  3. How do I move this to the correct place.
  4. Has anyone used the fairfield wool batting they have on sale at Joannes? There is a pretty good coupon today but I have been so satisfied with Dream wool.
  5. Has anyone used the wool batting by fairfield?

  6. If the shipping is included I sure will take them. Do you accept paypal? I will be back on line tomorrow morning.
  7. Thanks so much to Heidi for sending me her presentation.
  8. I waited until I thought I could not. I did not want to miss the time I could dispute the charge on my credit card. So I have sent them an email canceling the order. And I then disputed the charge on my credit card. The dispute asks a reason and I stated that I had emailed them and gotten no response and had not received the item I ordered. My credit card company has given me credit and will contact the sellers. I have the feeling that the sellers are going to just ignore the whole order. I do feel bad for them but do think someone should have taken care of their business. I can't aff
  9. I too wish I had known about this sooner. I will email them back and recind my cancellation. What with the no response I just figured it was some kind of a scam. Being patient is not always my strong suit. However with their loss I can wait for a while longer. How sad for the family.
  10. I emailed them to cancel my order. Have not gotten a response to that either. I have to wait for 30 days and then my credit card company will let me dispute the charge.
  11. I am debating how long to wait before I dispute the charge on my credit card. I don't mind waiting if there is some sort of problem but sure don't like that they don't answer emails. With a web site they sure must check it daily. I will keep you all posted as to if I receive the order.
  12. I ordered these the 21st of February but still have not received them. Has anyone else ordered and gotten theirs? I have emailed them twice but gotten no response. It was charged to my credit card and I got an email saying they would be shipped via the post office. I do live in northern MN however our mail service is not that bad. I sure would have thought I would have gotten them by now. I waited to load a quilt wanting to use them but got tired of waiting.