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  1. Does anyone have any pictures or ideas for redworks quilts? I did a search but came up with nothing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, don\'t have a picture yet. Thanks, Jessie
  2. Thanks for all your replies ladies. I thought I was correct in loading top to bottom and bottom to top for a panto. And thank you Dawn, I watched your video on loading when I first got my machine. I will continue to load as I always have and know that I am right. Thanks, again. Jessie
  3. I have been watching some of Sharon Schamber videos and she says you should always load a quilt onto the frame the long way. I have always loaded the quilt from top to bottom unless I was doing a panto and then I load from bottom to top. Do most of you load the long way and what do you do when quilting a panto? Just curious. Have I been loading the wrong way all this time? I would like to know what most of you are doing and why. Some of you who have been quilting for years might also have a favorite way of doing this. Thanks, Jessie
  4. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I have made a list of all the companies mentioned in your replies and will be busy tomorrow. First with getting some of these places in my favorites list and then getting them on the phone. You all, as always, have been a great help. If you need help, just go to the forum. It is great to have all you friends to talk to and you are always willing to help. Thanks again. Jessie
  5. I have my tax number and would like to be able to buy my supplies wholesale. For most of you regulars who are running a business, where do you get most of your supplies at wholesale prices? I have looked at some of the sites on the internet, Checkers, Hobbs (batting), Superior threads, etc. and they all list retail prices but some of them say they don't sell to consumers. None of them list wholesale or tell you how to obtain their list of wholesale prices. Any help from you wholesale buyers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jessie
  6. SSNNeilAtkin I found what I needed on the link you provided and now the videos are playing with no problems. Thank you so very much. Now the rest of my day is cut out for me. I will be downloading and watching quilting videos. Very interesting and educational videos, I might add. Thanks again, you have made my day. Jessie
  7. Has anyone had any problems with the downloads from the Sharon Schamber Network playing back as they should? I downloaded the first one (it was a WMV file) and it played back with no problems. I downloaded the second and third ones (they are both AVI files). I had no trouble with the downloads but when I played them back I got the sound of her voice but instead of seeing the work she was supposed to be showing me I got just a light show. I downloaded the files to my documents - my videos and they play on Windows Media Player. What did I do wrong? Or is there a problem with the files? Has anyone else experienced the same problems or any problem with the downloads? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have paid my $165 and would surely like to get what I paid for. Thanks, Jessie
  8. Love the quilt and the quilting. Who sells the Leaf Pile panto? Looks like I need to add this one to my collection! TheNiftyStitcher (Jessie)
  9. Thanks for the tip, Linda. I just registered with and ordered 5 pkg. of 12 while they are on sale. Looks like a great buy to me. Jessie
  10. I saw that wink! Makes me think there may be be something else in the works. I can only hope. I'm real excited for you.
  11. I have ordered Judy L.'s book! They backordered it and told me it has not been publishsed yet. I can hardly wait. Anything else in the works yet Judy L?
  12. Good Morning! The snow is beautiful isn't it? Yes it is snowing here too. You're in northern Va. and I am on the southern end of the state. Don't think this will last very long but it sure is pretty for now. About the only thing I can do right now is sit and look at it. I have blood poison in my right hand and I am totally right handed. Can't sew or quilt or anything else. Just got my Circle Lord Monday of this week and haven't been able to do a thing with it yet. What a bummer. Oh well, at least the snow is pretty. lol. Jessie
  13. When I have done about a foot of the first row I clip the threads, advance the quilt until I can see the stitching from the back (standing up) and if everything looks good I roll back to the point I stopped and continue to quilt. If I am not happy with the way things look, I adjust the tension, advance and check again from the back of the machine. Works for me. Never was able to stand on my head or my hands. LOL. Jessie
  14. Love frogs too! There is a real cute frog pattern called The Bullfrog Boogie. And I guess the pattern you use would depend a lot on the age of the granddaughter. Have fun! Jessie
  15. I had no trouble at all spending the money for a Millennium. I did not buy mine because I thought I would be able to make a lot of money, I bought it because I knew I would have a lot of fun. So far as I know you only get to go through once. If you don't do the things you enjoy now you may never get the chance again. My husband told me when I went to the show and bought mine to go ahead and get all the bells and whistles. I bought the Millennium and am happy I did. Spend the money, get all the goodies and never look back. Only look at the good times ahead. Jessie, (having a ball in Suffolk, Va.)