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  1. I have I/S on my Ultimate I. My installer for IQ retired and she directed me to call Nolting since they are close to see if they could help with the issues I was having with my I/S. They're customer service was wonderful and I do not hesitate recommending doing business with them. In a matter of days I had the parts replaced and was up and running again.
  2. I have an Ultimate I with the square tubed frame. We bought casters at Lowes/Home Depot and installed them easily. Luckily we don't have to move it much now, but it is very handy when we do!
  3. That is beautiful! I got behind on the pinwheel clue, so don't have those blocks put together. You've inspired me to get working on it again. Thank you!!
  4. I will plan on attending. I am in town also, so would be willing to help with anything you need. I'm very excited to be able to meet everyone!
  5. We're currently getting ready to move, so saving all those batting scraps for packing material!
  6. A friend of mine has started making her labels triangular and putting them in a corner on the quilt. Two sides are stitched in with the binding, and the third can quickly be stitched down by hand. They are very cute, and I'm planning on trying that on my next one.
  7. I also love Homespun. They usually have a variety of projects that are always cute! Plus, I get to dream about taking a vacation to Australia and visiting all the shops in the back of the magazine.
  8. I finally got the halves done on Saturday, still need to do the final pressing and assemble them into units. Glad to hear that I am not the only one overwhelmed by last week's clue. This week should be better, but I feel like I am starting in the hole, and not sure if I'll be able to get caught back up!
  9. I asked about this a few years ago, and when I found out that my Ultimate I would have to go to the factory and be changed out to make it 'like a Gammill' the cost of that changeover (I'm thinking it was in the range of $6,000) made my decision to go with IQ. I've had my IQ for 3 years now, and while I liked the idea of having the statler and a friend close by that I could use as a resource, I'm very happy with my decision to purchase IQ.
  10. I use Aurifil exclusively for piecing for the reasons all of you have indicated. It is strong and doesn't break. It's not slippery, so when you chain piece the stitches don't back out. It is so thin it makes the points pointier on my triangles. It may be pricey, but I figure that buying good thread is as important as buying good fabric. You can get fabric at Wal-Mart, but if you are going to go to all that effort to make a quilt, should you?
  11. Here is a pic of the Lazy Sunday mystery. Borders will be orange, then green/white half square triangles, then purple/white chevrons. They are ready to go, but haven't had time to get them on. I'm not a pink person, so prefer the royal blues. This is the first of her quilts I have made, and also my first step in to making a 'scrappy' quilt. While it did make me twitchy at times while piecing it, I am liking the overall effect.
  12. I substituted royal blues for the pinks in the "too much pink/orange" and really like how it turned out. I am just finishing the outer border now, I can't wait to get it quilted and finished. The nice thing is the fabric requirements call for about the same amount of each color, so anything you substitute should be ok.
  13. That is a beautiful layout! I like that you were able to incorporate blocks with the names on the front of the quilt.