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  1. There's some L Pre-wound bobbins and 44 of the metal bobbins
  2. Here's a great machine that needs a new home and lots loving tender care ...it runs like a dream.. it's on a 10 foot table... I had it service and cleaned last year at APQS .. it come with lots of bobbins,needles,thread and rulers .. Hartley fence table for the rulers ....Stitch reglater .. motorized foot controls .... I'm asking $10,500... I live in pace Florida right outside of Pensacola Florida... I except PayPal.. plus shipping
  3. Hi I have a 2006 millennium that's on a ten foot table that I want to sale for 10,000
  4. I can't get the bobbin to come up ...when I push the button for the needle to go down to pull the bobbin up the top thread is like it's stuck on something but it's not only caught in the fabric.....can anyone help please....
  5. When I press needle up and needle down to pick up bobbin thread it will not come up and the top thread is really tight on top ...no thread... I can't get the bobbin thread to come up to the top
  6. Need help got the new board but I don't think I put it in right be cause my computerquilter will not stitch it makes the move but no moving of the needle ....
  7. Got it running, called Amy she said it was the circuitboard. Thanks Amy , and to all. Thanks Brenda
  9. Lets keep this going maybe they will bring it back.Thanks Brenda
  10. If not having stitching promblems it does not need to be tighten anyway thats what I think. Brenda
  11. I would like to see it back also.I like seeing who was on line. Please bring it back. Brenda
  12. Got it fixed ,when I was cleaning up my sewing room my Husband vaccum the carpet for me and he push the roll of batting back onto the cords an cause the problem it works now.Thanks for your Help.Brenda
  13. I have tighten the screws then I would try it out it would sew good and then half way across the quilt it would mess up again.Thanks Brenda
  14. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the cables on the computerquilter it keep messing up and I have to rip out stitches I have work on it all day and still cant get adjusted right. Thanks Brenda:
  15. Yes it was a great, they get better and better with each show. My daughter and I got to volunteer at one that was in Mobile Alabama we live outside of Penascola Florida. we drove over there just about everyday it was such an experience we will never forget. Brenda
  16. No because I did some free hand sewing and also check for that.Thanks Brenda