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  1. Hi Discovery is still for sale. After reading some posts with ideas about moving machines I may be able to help with delivery in the New England area. I am selling with everything. I hate to sell quilting supplies seperate. That would bring price down but for someone just starting out it would be nice to have it all to go together. Email me or post. Lilacquilter @ yahoo. Com or pathutti@ maine.rr. com Thanks :-)
  2. Hi Lynn, Where I just listed it I would like to keep it a package. It is a great deal for someone who wants to start up a business. If it doesn't sell after a while, I may start selling the supplies separetly. I do have some very nice pantos. The circle lord patterns (I have to make a list) they will fit the bigger machines.
  3. Hi, My name is Pat. I live in Portland Maine. I am thinking about selling my APQS Discovery with table, supplies, patterns, batting, thread, and Circle Lord. I would like $6,500 for everything. I ran a business so this machine would be good for start up or just your own quilting. I maybe moving to Florida and can't take it with me. What I have in the CL is around $3,000 alone. I paid $6,500 for just the machine head without table. The Discovery is similar to the Lenni but no Stitch regulator 20" throat. It has all the other gizmos like needle up down, one stitch, Lazer, and is very light weight (37 lbs?). Being so light is great for free motion. It also has a hopping foot. Not having a stitch reg has a little longer learning curve. Many quilters turn them off and on once they are good at the type of quilting they like. I run all kinds of different threads no problem and tension is great. I have a 12' table. It is the older style wooden table but it has more usable quilting space than Liberty or Lenni. I have patterns that I have used up to 16". Depending on where you live I maybe able to help with set up and give you a lesson. I would rather have it picked up. If I have to ship it would be at your cost. I have machine box but table would need to be packed. Let me know what you think. Email me at: lilacquilter @ yahoo .com (no spaces) Pat
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