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    Hello everyone, I hope you are all well ! I am away with the Navy at the moment and I'm terribly home sick.....I miss my family....and that includes my George too. Had a few lonely nights and then it came to me......APQS chat room......I have hopped on and I feel like I'm in a room full of friends. It's nice looking at all your wonderful art and reading all the stories.....Congrats Claudia on the Quilt that won 1st.....stunning ! Take care everyone...... From Chantell.....In Australia

    Grammie's in Grapevine Texas

    Grammie, How romantic...... I hope you have a wonderful time with your husband.....and are spoilt like every woman deserves ! Don't forget to have a massage Enjoy your time away... Chantell from Australia

    Value of machine quilting

    Hello SquareOne, Have you ever thought of buying an APQS "George" machine ? For me it was half the price of a Millie, small enough to pop into my sewing room ( a spare bedroom ) and very easy to use. It does not have a stitch regulator, but it does have a speed regulator, which might give your quilts the unique hand quilted look that you speak about....I adore my George ! Happy researching ! Chantell in Australia

    Any George Owners Out There ?

    Hello Belquilt, You will love George ! I have only used him a few times as my daughter has been ill, but she is on the mend and I will be quilting away in no time at all. I have never used a long arm before, he is a dream to use. Space was an issue for me too. My DH could not find any room in the garage for a larger machine, as his hobby ( dirt bike riding) requires a double garage ...amazing. Keep in touch.....and enjoy your new man when he arrives Chantell from Australia

    sick little girl

    Thankyou all so much for your wonderful kind words...... Caitlin is getting a little better everyday, she will be back on her busy feet in no time at all with all this posative thinking ! I hope you all have a safe enjoyable weekend Chantell from Australia
  6. Hello everyone, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter, Caitlin....who is sick at the moment. She should be back on her feet in a week or so, but I was hoping that you could all keep her in you prayers. Caitlin is my little quilting buddy who gets so excited when i open up the sewing room door....she actually walks up to George and plants one on him....yes she kisses him. It is the cutest thing to see.... she calls him 'Saint George'. Thankyou for your time and happy quilting Chantell from Australia
  7. Is anyone currently using the new George ? I have recently purchased, yet to put together my new Man ! It would be great to hear from other George owners/users.... Happy quilting Chantell

    How to store Threads

    Thankyou Linda... Can't wait to put the first spool on and start learning Have a great weekend !
  9. Hello everyone : - ) I recently received "George" and as a bonus a beautiful array of threads. As a novice, i can't imagine that I will use the 20 odd spools in a my question is.... How do I store my thread to get the maximum useable life ? Thankyou


    Hello Pixiequilts74, I may receive George this week via courier if all goes to plan. I should have him settled in this weekend, though i'm not too sure if my Hubby will appreciate me being tucked away in a room alone with my new man George this Sunday (Fathers day). I have a feeling this man will do what he is told though..... George will sit there and listen to what I have to say....... He wont fall asleep on the lounge while watching the football, George can't even hold a beer.... He's going to be an all round perfect man ! I will let you know how I go

    APQS Friends

    Hello to all out there, My name is Chantell and I'm very new to the wonderful craft of quilting. I am currently employed by the Royal Australian Navy, and today I am lucky enough to be on Duty ( plenty of time to be on the APQS site). I am an aircraft technician by trade, and stumbled into quilting recently when I won a domestic quilting sewing machine at the opening of a new shop in town.....caught the "quilting bug" and last month ordered my first machine....GEORGE This is the first website/chat forum that I have had access to, and I am totally amazed by it's content. I have been sitting here for the past few hours (please don't tell my Boss) reading thread after thread.....the community atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone praises, comforts, teaches, listens, helps and listens to one another. In the space of two hours I have shed a few tears, learnt so much about the art of quilting and laughed out very very loud while reading your stories. I think that it is great that when things get tough, someone needs help or someone feels a little down you are all there to catch and guide them the right way. You are wonderful people and it is a nice feeling knowing that if i ever do need a little moral support, I only have to hop on the APQS site & you guys and gals will be there. Keep safe and thankyou for your time. Chantell