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  1. Waves and tucks are always so much fun!!. I had finally decided to talk to a customer about her piecing. I usually have to steam her quilts to get some sections to lay flat. our local quilt show this customer's quilt took first place . I was at the judging and nearly fell out of the chair when the judge gave her a very good rating on her piecing! If she had only known how every 6" square at the corners of her feathered stars (lrg qn qlt) had been "steamed into submission" . Needless to say...I will not mention anything to the quilter as she would not believe me now! Oh well...quilting for others is so interesting. :P Jo-Ellen
  2. Hi: All the comments about Camp Mowana were very intriguing....what and where is Camp Mowana? Jo-Elen
  3. Mary Beth: In our guild in Panama City, Florida we have tried to find a solution to the mountains of UFOs. We came up with a challenge ( a lists is submitted by each member who wanted to participate)---each time an entry is completed it is marked off--- at the end of the year the top three with the most completed projects--receive an award. I managed to finish eight last year and seven the year before. Our top producers had 13 the first year and 16 the second. It is challenging and fun. Jo-Ellen
  4. Tina: What beautiful work......someday I'll be able to do that! I will, if God smiles on me and I PPP. You did a wonderful job ,Tina! Jo-Ellen:D:D:D
  5. Orla: My room is 16 x 24 ( added 12 x 16 in 2004)----sounds great doesn't it? I agree with the others, you need to be organized. 2 1/2 feet in width is in closets; three double closets along one wall with an alcove for the tv. Millie (12') is across from the closets and along the outside wall. My DM sewing table is in front of the window (great lake view) at the end of the room opposite it is the cutting table. I have a hide-away ironing board. Small computer table next to the cutting table. I have no room for a design wall because of the I use the floor. I always did before the addition so I continue. The long narrow room does make the room a challenge. The width had to be as it is because of the configuration of the house. 2' to 3' wider would have been better. I love my sewing room, but it has its limitations. When guests come over they WOW at the room, they of course are using an extra bedroom. In Florida we don't have cellars o for the most part or converted attics either. Someone suggested a design plan-----in my case Mille came after the room. Enjoy what you get----I know I do. Jo-Ellen
  6. Georgene: Your swirls look great. Our guild supples the local Head Start program with nap quilts. Since 2001 we have given them over 450! Since they are used daily and continuously laundered, they wear out much sooner than standard quilts. I did a Disney cars panel last week with similar swirls, the 28 x 32 quilt took about an hour to do. It turned out so cute and I know some little boy will just love it. I too was intimidated about the " just do it" stuff, but if you go for it and don\'t fret so much-----it does get better . I had several comments at guild about how nice my swirls were. Jo-Ellen
  7. Claudia: Thank you for the beautiful block ...all the way from Germany. I now have a complete set and am very pleased. Thank you one and all for the lovely group of blocks. It has been fun. Jo-Ellen Rogers
  8. Hello: Can you please give me the web site for template boards? I would like to look further into their use . I learn so much from the chat about so many varied subjects. Most of the time it is " food for thought" that sets me on the right path for the situation solution. You are such a talented group of quilters. Jo-Ellen
  9. Nancy and Colleen: Thanks so very much for your lovely blocks. They are a perfect complement to the rest of the set. I just have one to go and my group is complete. The swap has been an interesting experience and I do really appreciate the lovely blocks that I received. Happy Stitching, Jo-Ellen Rogers
  10. Shannon: That is a really lovely quilt. The pattern is one of my favorites. I won first place and guild honorable mention for the same quilt done in a pink, blue green and a blue print. You did a really nice job on the quilting. My quilt was a christmas gift for my I never even got to keep it. I would love to make another someday????? Great quilting! Jo-Ellen
  11. Hello everyone: I am missing blocks from: Colleen, Claudia and Nancy. Jo-Ellen Rogers
  12. Judi: It is great. I love that quilt. What lovely colors and quilting. Jo-Ellen
  13. Lee: I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. I will include you in my prayers. I also lost mine three years ago. I don\'t believe we realize how much we rely on our mothers until they are gone. If your still have yours, call her today or go see her and tell her how much she means to you. She surely will appreciate it. Jo-Ellen
  14. Judi: I will ask my daughter how to post a picture because I am clueless. Thanks so much for the congratulations.. I have alot of work ahead for the next 2 years. We have a fairly active guild whith lots of projects and programs----we have a Christmas Shoppe on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and a (smallish) Quilt Show on the second weekend in February. For the previous 5 years had a" joint venture" big show with a local trade show operator. However we lost our location and now have downscaled. Still it is alot of group effort to put on a show and also the Christmas Shoppe. We made over $3500 last year on our first try at the CS. We were open from 9-2 on Friday and Saturday. We are doing it again this year. We also have a silent auction with our quilt show and made $1600 on the 25 small wall hangings that were made by our members. It is alot of fun to achieve goals even at our small local level. Judi, your quote at the bottom of your email was just what I need to keep in mind in my new job. Everyone thanks for the inspiration that comes from this group. Happy Stitching, Jo-ellen Rogers
  15. Judi OLsen: We had our joint guild meeting this morning (day/night), where I was installed as the new president (194 members). I just finished the 2nd VP job (2 years) and received 50 friendship star blocks (I love star blocks.) as a parting gift. Also we had a quilt challenge "Wish You were Here" and I took 1st place for a sunbonnet wall hanging from the Amy Alderman book "Precious Sunbonnets". All in all I would say it was a great quilting day and your beautiful block was the frosting on the cake. I just loved the coaster and the bookmark too. I now have 11 blocks----still 3 to go. I am hoping to receive them. Happy Quilting, Jo-Ellen Rogers