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  1. I bought some black light powder to use with stencils years ago. Now I'm having trouble finding it. I contacted Kingsmen Supply and she thought she might have some in the warehouse, but since she didn't call me back I'm thinking she is out. Do any of you know where I can find some? If not what do you use for stencils on either light fabrics or a combination of lights and darks? Thanks, jill
  2. Thanks everyone for the input. I'm glad ya'll liked the ghosted cubes. It feels good to have the reassurance that I was on the right path. (Even if I wasn't really happy with how the fillers turned out) My customer seemed really happy though, so it all ends well!
  3. This quilt was a bit of a challenge for me. The customer wanted it very modern with straight lines, but not very much quilting. And she didn't want the quilting to be the star of the quilt. She definitely wanted me to change fillers throughout the quilt. I would have liked to do the fillers a little bit denser, but didn't think that is what she wanted.
  4. You did such a great job making everything look "under the sea"! Very sweet quilt
  5. Thanks everyone! I really should have taken better photos, thanks for putting up with these. Next time I will do better!!
  6. Thanks everyone! I really should have taken better photos, thanks for putting up with these. Next time I will do better!!
  7. This is a customer quilt I did a few months ago. I wish I would have taken better pictures!
  8. Such an easy fix! Thank you thank you!!
  9. The tension on my bobbin case feels perfect to me. But sometimes as I'm quilting it sounds like my bobbin is going much faster than the machine is actually stitching. Soon the bobbin thread breaks and the backing has a mess of threads in the stitching for a couple of inches before it has broken. It seems that I should tighten the tension to stop it from spinning so fast, but when I do then the thread just breaks. This used to be an occasional problem but it is starting to happen more frequently. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks, Jill
  10. Last month I needed to adjust my encoder wheel. I found a terrific video somewhere on the forum that showed how to adjust and install encoder wheels. I'm trying to help a friend with her Lenni and would love to show her the video, but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have the link? Also, is the Lenni encoder wheel set up much different than the millennium? Thanks! Jill
  11. Linda, Thanks so much for the advice! I was soooo worried..... I had taken the pins out to steam because I was worried about the tops of the pins getting melted with the iron. Should I press on top of them or just to the side? Jill
  12. I know that you really can't see it in a picture, but I tried to do the starch and steam method on this border. The areas where I sprayed the starch the most seem to have yellowed. The material is really lightweight (cheap) material, and I thought that it would shrink up great, but as you can see, it is still having a hard time. I didn't shake the starch can before I sprayed. Could that be where I went wrong. Also, will the yellow wash out?!?! Thanks for you help, Jill
  13. Thanks everyone! It was a fun quilt to do. When I first saw the quilt, I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I told my customer that the borders needed frogs. I was able to take the frog that JoAnn e-mailed me and print it out. Then I took it and used the table of my millenium as a light box and traced the frogs where I wanted them with Miracle Chalk. I am still surprised how much easier it is for me to follow a chalk line than a panto with the laser!!
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