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  1. Hi. Me, again. So..., Bonnie, your quilt top is actually pinned at both ends--to the top and bottom rails? Doesn't this defeat the effect of floating a quilt, or am I really confused. TIA, Paigeamber
  2. Thank you, Bonnie, for your answer. I know I didn't explain myself well, but you figured it out. I wanted to know if either the top and/or the batting were attached to the other rail. According to your explanation, the batting is attached to the take up and fourth pole, but the top is left loose on the other end, except where it's pinned on the side area you're working on. Clear as mud? Paigeamber
  3. Does this mean the batting is attached at the top and bottom but the top and batting are only attached at the top (front) of the machine? TIA, Paigeamber
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