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  1. You ladies are the best! I know I'm not the only person who makes 'oopsies' but it feels good to know you all can have a sense of humor about it, well eventually anyway.
  2. Using the link above, sign up for their emails to take advantage of specials on sets of cones at fabulous prices. An added plus If you live in so Calif, you can pick up your order and save the shipping fees. Thanks for the link Rozay64, Mary
  3. This will be my 4th Bonnie mystery; I have enjoyed them all. Yes her designs are challenging because of the tremendous amount of piecing, but the finished quilt never fails to make me smile. This year I will be joined by several members of my friendship group. Can't wait for Thanksgiving weekend! Mary
  4. Thanks for all your comments. Linda as always your advice is priceless. I'm pretty much new to all this LA stuff but eager to learn. Also happy to say I'm currently working on my 6th client quilt and have only had to frog once because of poor tension -- that's good for me! So much to learn & having way too much fun learning! Mary
  5. I've read everything I can find about adjusting thread tension, watched Jamie Wallen's video, endless links, blogs, forums, and still my Mille, "Lula" was not giving me consistent quality stitches. She would go along for a row or two, then give me railroad tracks for 6 or 7 inches, then back to perfect tension again. I tried everything, changed needles, re-threaded, changed bobbin case, watched Jamie's video again & again, fiddled with different bobbins etc. I was discussing this issue with a fellow Millie owner who said she was having similar issues until she mentioned the tension p
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome & kind encouragement. I look forward to seeing your posts, photos, and advice. Mary
  7. I admit I have been lurking on this forum for umpteen years all the time daring to hope that I might one day own an APQS beauty. Dreams come true! My new Millie was delivered in May and it has been a wonderful feeling knowing my girl is there waiting for me any time I want to play. A big thank you to all of you for all the detailed information about thread choices, thread tension, batting selection, training videos, learning the business, etc, etc. You are all such a fabulous group of caring people who hold nothing back when someone has a problem or just wants another point of view.
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