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  1. I got a call fro a client tonight that her daughter found a pin in her quilt? I quiltted it this summer. Gee I gave directions on how I would take it out. I can't belive it is one of mine. Anyone else ever had a call like this? jmd
  2. i did one last year. Pick a complementary pattern to the t shirts. The one I did was for a college boy so did etch a sketch blocks. gave me lots of room to not go over wording or designs to go bettwen letters etc. they are fun
  3. He is very smart. Signed up fo high school this past month. going to take honors courses. i am very proud hee hee mom
  4. Okay - my oldest son did the neatest thing!!! He is playing farmville and decided that he would make a price cost spread sheet to help determine what his most profitable crops are for the length of time they have to grow. OMG my 14 year old is interested in Profit? love it!!!! I am so proud. julia
  5. GO COLTS My son is throwing his first "party"!!!! OMG - okay mom and dad had nothing to do with invites. We had food staged just in case people didn't arrive ( nowing now). he has 7 kids (eeek 1 girl) everything is going well!!! jmd
  6. i received a bunch of unfinished tops from my mother in law after she passed away. Before I quilted them i hung in a separate part of the basement and fabreezed them. The air helps. The other thing is to put in a box/ bag with dryer sheets. then change the dryer sheets every other day. I don't take client tops that are stinky. I am allergic to cats and smoke. But I knew I needed to finish MIL's and pass on to everyone. once they were done and binded, I washed the hell out of them and they looked great.
  7. Marybeth - you should wait until tomorrow when we are stuck in side with more SNOW. Julia Day
  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO luv it I want to see it
  9. I LOVE it. I want one!!! can't wait to see the next one jmd
  10. Oh that was funny. i will send to my Dad in California where he is complianing about 60 degree weather. Yesterday was beautiful and warm. I can't believe that I now think that 8 degrees is WARM????? OMG Well the next couple days looks good. We should get up to 30ish most days. Let the melting begin and the sump pump watching continue. Julia
  11. I agree with marybeth. We still have any where from 4 in to 12 here in Overland Park Kansas, depending on where the plows put it or the original snow drifted. It isn't snow anymore, just icky ice.
  12. Penny - Congrats!! I love the stiching and red color. Let me know if you want any help proofing paragraphs/ sentences etc.
  13. i love my lap top. All of us have one so there is no fighting. Rob has a desk top too, but his "quilting machine" is a supercharged computer so we can game on it. )
  14. Yeahhh Success!! Dinner was great. Altough the cooking faries were really giving me greif. I did burn the potates. We managed to salvage with butter. Who would have though that i had all the ingredients in the freezer. I would totally do it again, but this time use real proschuto not Bacon. here is the recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/chicken-saltimbocca-recipe/index.html What a great evening. Our Dear Friends older kids stopped by for appetizers and cocktails. Mike's Oldest is in the Army and was home unexpectedly for Christmas. Please pray for h
  15. Like something out of National Lampoon - Christmas vacation, we are having our dear friends over for dinner later today. I pulled the roast out to season it and get it ready. I unwrapped it and it went bad. Things that are going through my head . . . Oh My. Uh Oh! "Fudge (only I didn't say fudge)" this will make a really funny story sometime so how much do you confess to your guests??? can I salvage it??? eeeewwwwwww, no not salvageable What is Plan B?????????? So instead of a delicious Roast Beast (now a Day Family tradition for 16 years) - I'll have to do another
  17. hee hee hee i wish I could serve. My hubby has served on a murder trial. we have had too many tragedies in our family so I am not good jury fodder. I teach citizenchip in the world for boys scouts. i am just happy to teach boys about rights, duties, and civic responsabiliess julia
  18. give it back gratis. nothing else. it is so not worth quilting for her again. good luck =Julia
  19. I come home from work and ask my DH, "so how was your day?" By the 4th time ( he is sooooo patient), he reminds me that i've already asked him that question a couple of times already. Then he says . . . " are you okay, how was your day - need to talk???" Talk??? Hey I am happy I found my way home? kids names? Yeah we'll call them Newton (yes he's been in doggie heaven for 3.5 years). ahhhhhhhhhhh Aging as gracefully as I can. i figure any time I am on this side of the daisy's it is a good day. off to Milwaukee tomorrow for work. Have a great week! Julia
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