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  1. "Mom - that is not fair that you get paid for doing something that you love." Amazing insight from an almost 12 year old. The greatest gift I can hope for is to do something I love. DO I get burn out? sure do!!! Does the beast sit lonely in the studio some days. . . sure does!!! Do i juggle a great hubby (who cooks and shops and does kids doctors apointments, 2 great boys, walk the dogs (2x a day if i am being good to me and them) still pay all the bills with another full time job . . . Whew!! Yep I do it all. SOme people ask how, but I tell them I give the time where it is needed b
  2. I love what Linda said above. DO NOT Engage! That is what they are looking for. Your time and expeirence are worth the price you set. My favorite words to not engage are Cool WoW and Bummer (or insert your snynonmy here). I can have a full conversation, not agree or disagree and keep my sanity. And my abolute favorite closer to a conversation . . . "well, good luck with that"! I am beginning as well. Not many customers at all yet, but slowly growing. I made myself an excel sheet that calculates the yardage (wid & Lenth) and then estimates out what each would be. I share this wit
  3. See?? so much better when someone knows what they are doing. Thanks
  4. This is one of my own designs by the way. I have a ton of Japenese fabric that some friends brought back on trips from Tokoyo. I was dying for a way to set the panels and came up with this.
  5. I wish I were more talented with the computer. here is 1 more
  6. I have had this top hanging in my studio for months now. My girlfriend kept coming over and said she wanted it. I finally agreed and then she said can you make it into a King? Gulp - I said Sure! Well the deal is done and I finished it all this past week. She was thirlled and I am pretty darn proud. I am sure I didn't post the pictures properly. Sorry
  7. I've had wavy too. My girlfriend thought I was nuts until she expeirenced it too. I can honestly say I am happy to get them off the "rack". Working on a fiesta turning 25 pattern for our bed now. It has lots of chili peppers and fun stuff on it. The names just come to me - This one is . . . "I hear chili peppers improve your sex life" LOL - my DH was laughing so hard he almost fell over!
  8. Okay me again. I inherited a bunch of friendship squares from my husbands mom. I finished putting the top together and it looks great. My problem is that some of the squares seem to be going askew on me (blocks are on point). This is compounded because each of the squares is a different size (most were had cut and swen in the late 70's). What kind of batting would you suggest using. The fabric is white and colored, such that I think I will us Suprior Bottom line. Thanks!!!! Julia
  9. AWWLLLLLL - I want one! Good luck in finding homes. We lost our big choc lab last year. We have a chow mix. My boys are ready for new dogs, i just am not sure I am. My DH says - Is it a good dog day or a bad dog day!!! My answer - It all depends on the condition of the house & the floor!!!
  10. Okay - Here is a poll. Do any of you just get evil quilts? I am convinced that some quilts are simply destined to not come off my Milli happy or me happy with them. Fabric - Thread - Batting I haven't found the culprit because sometimes it is one or all of the above!!!! ARRGH - The good thing is the last evil quilt is off my machine and I have a new one loaded and ready to go.
  11. I love that grandma. Oil Changes - who thought. My aunt sent me a rescued quilt. We think it was made back in the 30s, a builtiful desden plate. Evidently it had been used and loved in the garage for many years. My aunt sent it to me thinking I could repare it. NOPE!!! but the squares that are still intact are beautiful. When I make quilts, I tell people how there are to be used. For baby quilts, I tell tehm they are to be loved and washed and thrown up on, etc. The moms usually feel so much better that the don't have an heirloom on their hands. For heirloom pieces, I tell them
  12. I decided to get the 14 foot and I am happy. I saw someone say it above, but given the chance I tend to make really big quilts. We have a CA King, and I like it when the quilt hangs over the mattress to the dust ruffel. That way, from all angles, both the bed and the quilt look nice. I also got the hydrolic lift. I use it a lot. Some uses are lifting the back and using as a light table box. Or just changing the position of my back. Other advice - Measure, Measure, Measure how you will get the bars to their final destination. We didn't have issues but John, Mary, my husband and I had
  13. OKAY - You guys just crack me up! Can't wait until next Saturday Janet. I haven't quilted all week (real work too busy). Looking forward!
  14. I have no imagination. Too many screen names & passwords to remember. Julia Day it is. Jeanne - Your email is KC RR - Where are you in KC? I am down south off Nall.
  15. I am too jealous. I have not been able to get back in the mood to do anything!! I think you both have given me inspiration.
  16. I had my first quilt bleeder this Christmas. My beautifullly quilted table runner was on my lovely white battenberg lace table cloth. The flower vase leaked and we didn't notice it. I had a nice pink / red spot in the middle. Thank goodness for bleach and Oxy Clean!! Treat and soaked, it luckily all came out.
  17. The hydrolic lift is a must if you don't have one. Even changing the height a little bit can help relieve the way you stand. I also use the lift to raise my Milli beast so I can use the back as a light board. Awesome!
  18. I have the radio and 2 mp3 players. Player 1 = rock / blues etc that I can also work out to on the eliptical and the other is classical & jazz. Books are too hard (or darling hubby talking to me). I concentrate on 1 or the other - not both. So either the top or conversation suffers. Sorry Hubby - wait until I am DONE. then there are no stiches to undo
  19. Oh - I love that!! let's see i have about 8 in various stages from ready for quilting and need final inspiration to still in block pieces.
  20. Thanks for the good feedback. I haven't tried an Panto's yet. Just me mooving and grooving on the meandering. Quilts 1 (No picture yet - I pick up tonight after quild meeting) was a loop to loop pattern i made up. Quilt 2 (green sashing was over all large meandering. Quilt 3 (purple & white) continued both with fans.
  21. Thanks! I am a real novis on this technology thing. I will keep practicing. stay patient!
  22. This is an autograph quilt I finished last week for a terrific person who is retiring from our Firm
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