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  1. Talking my DH into getting a long arm wasn\'t the problem, space was the problem. I\'m now situated in my new sewing cottage and still dragging my feet. I asked my SIL who lives in the area (I travel between Georgia and Alabama...cottage is in Alabama) how many people does she know who quilts and/or sews ....she thought for a minute and said "well, there is you and I, (pause), and I can\'t think of another person." I did find out Hancock Fabrics closed their store in town (Anniston, AL), and in order to find a fabric store, I would have to travel over an hour to Birmingham or Gadsten. My p
  2. Absolutely beautiful....I can't wait to get my machine. I'm still waiting for my sewing cottage to be finished, there just isn't enough days in the week or hours in a day to get everything done...and my poor DH is sooooo tired of hearing me ask "is it done yet???" LOLOL.... Mariah In Chilly Georgia
  3. I thought the adjustable table was included with the Millie, now I see that it is not available but comes as an option. I'm getting closer to ordering and back to reading. I don't know why, but I thought the adjustable table was included as part of the Millie....did I misread? Mariah In chilly Georgia
  4. Linda, your angel wing pictures are beautiful.....I keep reading, reading, reading and can't wait to order my LA Millie. My sewing cottage is slowly coming together, but between traveling from one end of the country to the other, my DH husband is having a hard time finding time to get it done on schedule. I still plan on ordering my LA at the end of November, beginning of December...! Mariah Georgia, Where Fall weather is finally starting!
  5. Today I was able to see the Millie and actually see it in action! What a great machine!!! I was so impressed and now can't wait to order my own little Millie (ok, not so little...) The gal that has the Millie has had her machine for 2 years, took beginner classes at APQS and said it was the BEST thing she did. Her work is so professional looking, I can only hope to be as good as she is! Thanks to everyone who has responded to my guys are great, such a wealth of information, and again I thank you, I feel so blessed to have found this forum. I'm hoping to order my machine i
  6. Hi I visited a new fabric store that just opened in my area...yipppeeeee...(we didn't have a fabric store in town and the closest one was 27 miles away), anyway, I happen to mention to the shop owner I was looking for someone who had a Millie...she said one of her customers had one and would call her to see if I could get together with her to see the machine...I'm going to see it tomorrow! I'm so excited! I did ask the gal who owns the Millie when I talked to her on the phone to tell me what she didn't like....she laughed and said I would be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't like the
  7. Patty, I sent you a response to your U2U... Mariah
  8. Patty, Can you email me off list at Thanks Mariah
  9. Hi Patty, I'm located approximately 25 miles south of Atlanta in a small town called McDonough. We have been here for 5 years....moving up from Jupiter, FL. My husband lived in Panama City for many years working at Tindall (sp) AFB. Tampa is about 8-9 hours away (I have a sister who lives in Clearwater....and we make a trip down there to visit when we can). We're trying to finish my sewing cottage and trying to get it completed before cold weather sets in, so traveling down to Florida right now isn't possible. Thanks for the invite....hopefully I'll get down to Tampa before too long
  10. I'm a the process of doing my research to find the machine I can use in a small business. My husband is due to retire at the end of 2007. We have property in Alabama, and have just started builting a small cottage 24' x 36' (actually as of last weekend the cottage is all dried in)that will become my sewing space when the main house is built....we are going to use the cottage as a weekend getaway when it's completed until the "main house" is built a year from now. I planned out the cottage with the idea of using it as my "sewing space" and on one end put a full bath, kitchenette
  11. Hi, I live in Georgia, and am looking at my options for a long armed quilter. I have tried the Handi Quilter with the Sweet Sixteen long arm machine, and was somewhat impressed, but want to explore my options. Since I live in Georgia, I am really at a loss as to where I can "try" the APQS Millie...which is what I would want along with the CQ...has anyone bought the machine without "trying" it out first? I know there is a dealer in the Tampa, FL area, which is about a 9 hour drive for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Mariah