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  1. If you have Bonnie and Camille for Moda, ruby vintage modern etc please let me know
  2. Hi Linda, may I get a copy too please? Auntiepami @ hotmail.com
  3. I had a problem with oversewing. We just changed the motor brushes and the optical disk, hope to quilt tomorrow. Easy parts change out--hubs did it.
  4. So sorry you have had issues with your Berninas. I'm surprised they use 100wt thread. I think my tech uses 50 wt Mettler. I'll be sure and ask. If you are having issues with thread breaking, there may be a burr somewhere. The tech should be able to find it. My next Bernina is the 830LE because of the jumbo hoop. I have a Millie, so I don't use any of them for quilting (maybe a table runner). But, I do like to embroider. The new 7 series looks interesting. And the B9 hook with the larger bobbin. Very interesting.
  5. Hi Dawn, My blog is: www.auntiepami.blogspot.com Thanks! Auntie Pami
  6. my blog is www.auntiepami.blogspot.com Since we are preparing to move, I have not done much quilting lately (even though I have a lot to do).
  7. I will! Don't forget, if you are an APQS member, use APQS for free/discounted shipping!
  8. Back to the top, reminder today is the last day. I've added new items.
  9. Wrap him up in his favorite quilt. Keep him warm on the outside while your love keeps him warm on the inside. Love will prevail.
  10. Bringing back to the top. Memorial Day special! Ends Monday at 5pm PST. Enter APQS and get free shipping in the US. UK, Australia and Canada get $5.00 shipping. I'll be loading new items tonight.
  11. I've taken a class from Dawn and Jamie (bring a bic pen & pad of paper to both). I'm going to take Angela Walters classes as more and more modern quilters are looking for longarm quilters. Visit her site www.quiltingismytherapy.com. She has a book coming out soon and is a wonderful quilter. (Yes, I'm a fan.)
  12. I fold my fabric a certain way and put it on Ikea Billy bookcases (you can get glass doors as well), full bolts on Ikea wooden shelves, WIP in Target/Wal Mart sweater boxes (see-through), thread in roly-polies that are made for scrapbooking (four of five drawers are snap closed 12 x 12 drawers (got them at Costco), fabric under my shelves are Elfa (and Closet Maid) wire basket drawers (need to use the drawer clips so I don't pull them all the way out). For mini-bolts, you can take a full size cardboard bolt and cut it in half, kinda bulky, but free (if you were closer....). I love the sweater
  13. Hi, I've applied for jobs in Phoenix working with veterans. So, Buckeye, Cave Creek, we would still like acreage. My husband's other job is professional landscaping (rockwalls, waterfalls, flagstone, etc). I forgot, the 2.5 yards are called "need a back". Thanks!
  14. I wanted to let everyone know my darling husband is finally retiring and we are moving from the PNW to sunny, dry Arizona. So, I have to 'close shop' and get ready. I have started listing items on the website www.auntiepami.com. Most items are at least 20% off. Little by little, older inventory is being cut into 2.5 yard chunks for $13.50. Looking for something, let me know, I may have it (not listed yet). Once we are settled, I'll be reopening full time and hitting the quilt show circuit as soon as I can.
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