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  1. 2012 APQS Millennium and Quilt Path for Sale - 14-foot Bliss Table - Motorized Fabric Advance - Quilt Glide - Batting Bar - 500 Patterns in Quilt Path, including printed catalog of designs on the Quilt Path - Operating Manuals for All, including Surface Pro user guide This is a fabulous machine and well-cared for. Located in Iowa and selling for health reasons. Asking $21,000. For information on the machine or Quilt Path, Contact: Bob @ 515-710-8757 Also selling inventory of batting, backing fabric and other fabric collection separately. For information about th
  2. APQS Millennium for sale in Michigan! 12 foot Table with motorized feed Hartley table with accessories $7,500 Contact Cyndi - 517-648-3117
  3. 2008 Lenni for Sale! *10 Foot APQS Frame Well Maintained and in great condition. This machine is located in Northern Iowa. Price - $6,250 Please contact me with any questions Rexann 712-949-2050 712-230-0287
  4. Thanks for all of your interest in the free patterns being offered on the APQS Facebook page. This is a joint promotion with APQS and the great folks at Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting to celebrate the launch of our new APQS Facebook page. Once the Facebook offer for the free pattern expires, we'd be happy to get it to you. We'll let you know when the promotion ends so you can get your patterns!
  5. Be sure to check your emails tonight. APQS will be announcing the best machine sell of the year on Freedom SR's.
  6. 2000 Millennium for sale. 14' table with motorized fabric advance. Lots of patterns and thread! Hartley Fence Machine was sent in for recondition and still in the box! Wife has passed away and Bud really needs to sell this machine! Priced to sell at $10,000!! Please contact Bud at - 207-667-9142
  7. 2001 Gammill Classic Plus with 12' table - $9000. Includes stitch regulator - work station - laser light - edgerider wheels and the original wheels - instruction manual - thread and bobbins. Excellent condition. Buyer responsible for transportation. Contact
  8. Great question and thanks for asking. With the continued growth of the Lenni quilting machine the interest in the Liberty has decreased. APQS will build Liberty systems as a special order machine. We will keep ample Liberty supplies in inventory to service our existing customers when the need arises. Happy Quilting!
  9. Hopefully I can help clarify some of the questions about the Discovery. When purchasing a new Discovery, APQS customers were given the choice of vertical or horizontal wheels. The Discovery was very popular for several years and many machines are still running today on both wheel systems. If someone is having problems with the way their machine is moving please give Amy in our service department a call and she will be happy to work with you to resolve the problem. At APQS we pride ourselves in excellent customer service, please give us a call at 800-426-7233 so that we can help. Bob
  10. APQS is honored by the overwhelming response to our new Lenni quilting machine. New machines will start shipping to customers at the end of August. If you have not had a chance to see Lenni in person be sure to stop by the booth in Pennsylvania this month and give it a try for yourself. Lenni will be at the Quilt Odyssey Show July, 26-29. Hershey, Pa. Hope to see you there!
  11. Hello All! We?re glad that this quilt chat forum has given our customers a chance to express their joys as well as their concerns about their machines! It also provides us a way to keep in contact with everyone, so that we can share in your successes and help you solve your problems. One of our top goals as a company has always been to provide the best quality product that we can. To that end, our research and development team is constantly looking at ways to make a terrific quilting machine even better. Hearing your concerns about different machine functions such as the wheels and channe