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  1. Wow, that is beautiful quilting! congratulations on winning, you deserve it. ~~ Eva H.
  2. Thank you, everyone and thanks for welcoming me back after my long absence. Well, you can SEE I've been busy! Here's another quilt just recently finished. I know it has a bright future out there in the quilt show circuit as well. We are so blessed to have so many creative and inspired quiltmakers to keep us working here in Oregon. see more pics of this quilt in my Webshots album: Winter Quilting 2009/2010 ~~ Eva
  3. Hello Everyone...it's been a long time since I've posted anything here. If I can remember how to do it, I'll post a photo of a customer quilt that has been accepted in the Tradidtional Treasures 2010 Special Exhibit that premiers at the Chicago International Quilt Festival. Very exciting, big-time news for our little quilt group and my little quilting business. Congratulations to quiltmaker, Bette Talmage! Thanks ~~ Eva H
  4. Wow, that is really, really pretty. Do you think the people who own the couch ever say, "Please don't sit on the quilt." ? On Easter Sunday a neighbor came over visit and look at some of my quilts. I spread an antique quilt out on the bed for her to look at and she promptly sat down on it! gulp...I really wanted to tell her to get up! but I didn't want to hurt her feelings either. Oh well, I think the quilt survived. Beautiful work you are doing. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. ~~ Eva H.
  5. http://CucumberQuilting.etsy.com This was a fun project to help raise funds for Relay For Life. :cool:
  6. I like "Panty Parade" and if you got a group of really ambitious (and very silly) quilters together you could do a bra & panty set. Victoria Secret...here we come!!!
  7. Beautiful quilt! Photo advice above is perfect. Turn off the flash, take a breath and hold it, gently squeeze the button to take your picture. Take lots of pictures. Take more pictures than you think you need then go back and edit to get just the best ones. Digital cameras are great for this aren't they! The best pictures I've taken have been in direct sunlight. Either coming across the quilt from the window on a sunny day, early in the morning or late in the afternoon, with the quilt on the bed or the floor. Or outside with the quilt either hanging up or draped over a railing on the d
  8. Hi Linzi, Keep at it! It's more important how you feel about your work than how someone else defines it. What's the name of your Etsy. com shop so we can find it and take a look? ~~ Eva H. quilt artist-craft maker...lol...for hire...mom, cook, laundress...pick up the mail and dry cleaning go-fer!!! LOL
  9. Hi everyone, I know this is like "selling" to the choir but please take a look at this adorable quilt I just posted on Etsy.com. It's for a really good cause so I hope you don't mind and that you'll pass the link on to others who might take a look at it too. Thanks, Eva H. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_list_15&listing_id=20162905
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