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  1. I've done it a few times with batting and found it to be fine. Not too heavy at all.
  2. Thanks Lois! I did it... Turns out my needle bar was too high as well... My cousin who is handy with tools came over and helped me and that made is SO much easier.. I kept having the hook move when I was testing it's location and the needle would get pinched in between she metal pieces...But we got it done and it's stitching beautifully, EVEN if I tweak the tension one way or the other... WHEW!!!!! I really think I experinced the "perfect storm" of issues all at once... What would make my needle bar move, btw? Hitting a ruler? Cause I have done that more times than I can count....
  3. Thank you Dawn! I just wanted to ask before I did the "drastic" thing...(I'm askeered of timing) ...Amy did have me check for hook play back when this started. I think I've had multiple issues at once...burrs in my take up lever and u tension spring thingy. Burrs/rough spots in the thumb of my mitten.... and when I replaced/buffed all these out i was fine MOST of the time, but still had this occasional issue which has become obnoxious on the last 2 quilts using Bottom Line... And I would be GLAD to switch threads if there were something else as fine I could use on quilts that need thin threads so as to go over embroidery/applique and not detract/show (I'm gonna start using the magnifico/fantastico soon)... I'll be digging into my hook/timing later today then...EEK, I don't know WHY that intimidates me so! The video is awesome... What an great resource! The last time I had to time was on a different brand machine almost 8 yrs ago and we just had some diagrams from a quilting book that was not specific to any machine...So I'm well armed now...still don't wanna do it though...
  4. Dawn I am still having issues and there really is no rhyme or reason to them... I'm running Bottom Line on top maxi loc in the bobbin.. a combo I've run more times than I can count and the top thread is SORT of shredding but not always. I've adjusted both tensions every way from here to eternity and it will do great then go to hell in the same bobbin... I'll have railroad tracks on the back occasionally, then not.. but the BIGGIE is that the top thread will start to not make stitches but there will be needle holes then stop stitching all together (I have loosened my top tension/rethreaded so no winding/buffed everything) ... Then I have "moment "(like 1/2 inch) of top thread bubbling/shredding then going back and stitching perfectly for EVER... until the next time... BUT.. and this is what brings me to my question... it is ALWAYS going from right to left (from the front of the machine).. I had one section of 1/4 horizontal lines that when I finally caught what it was doing I found that every OTHER line had bubbles in the same spot (the left 1/2 of the line going left) but the other lines were perfect... You know I have replaced and sanded everything I can reach, the only thing I have not done is re-time... I have not broken any needles but I have done more than a 100 quilts in Rainbows or Bottom line alone... would THAT wear out my hook and make me have to re-time? Or do I just need a new hook do you think? I have used those threads exclusively for the 5 yrs I've had the machine and had NO problems... not even one... I just change thread colors and go, I seldom even checked my tension it was always perfect... Until it all fell apart a few months ago... Timing is the only thing I have not done, or sand any parts that can only be reached by removing the hook.... I am feeling very helpless and dumbfounded... I can't get my machine to behave or respond to any of my normal remedies.
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