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  1. Dawn that link goes to a page that says "oops"... . I have had a problem with my regulator for a long time where it "lugs" (I guess it could be the motor lugging) and takes long stitches and then goes back to normal... It almost always happens in the middle of the quilt... then it will stop doing it (so maybe only does it at the top of a quilt?) and possibly won't do it again for months...My encoders all look good, but encoder wheels seem to be moving in sync with the wheels... Could this be a motor brush problem?
  2. Thanks guys! Dawn had me send an email with pics of the back and diagnosed it immediately ... I had to tighten the screw in my tensioner discs... Worked like a charm until yesterday... I advanced the quilt, which had looked fine for 1/3 of it, to find the whole back looking furry with massive loops everywhere... All the other times it's happened it's been random and I always had "bubbles" in the top thread to give me a heads up... So I've spent the last 2 days ripping... Gonna go tweak the tensioner screw again and tighten up some tensions... Hope that does the trick... sigh...
  3. I have a problem that I've had before in the past, and can't remember/find the solution. Big random loops on the back. My tension spring rest at 11on top,and goes down to 9 when the thread pulls through. My pigtail goes from 8 to 2. My top tension is tight to the point of the thread breaking. I have a thread sock on and have rethreaded to try and alleviate some of the twist. My top stitches bubble when this is happening on the bottom. I can't feel any rough spots or burrs anywhere.Dawn!!!!! Waaaah!!!!
  4. SO SO cute! I just finished one and I like what YOU did BETTER!!!!! Great job!
  5. Thank you everyone for you help!!!!! Amy in service said, after seeing the picture, that it's my back lash spring... I need to bend the arms up a bit. So I also ordered a couple new ones and a new "take up spring" just to make sure it never does go bad (you know, if you have the spare it will las forever :-P )... WHEW! For me it's being able to identify what is CAUSING the problem so I know where to focus...
  6. I have just spent the las two days ripping out the stitching on a whole last row of pantograph.... The whole quilt was fine with the exception of a few random loops on the back... most often in a point.... I get done with the last row and unpin and have a whole row of thread barf..... I rip (full 8 hrs of ripping). I make sure my top tension is tight... it's so tight if I tighten it it breaks every couple minutes....my bobbin tension WAS 110 on the towa I loosened it to 100... cleaned my bobbin area/case, checked the backlash spring, decided to replace it just in case.... all was well for 2 feet, then ran out of bobbin, refilled the same one, and barf again.... Rainbows on top, Maxi loc in the bottom, batting in the guide above cone, thru all loops in both duck bills, tension spring goes down to correct spot (9 O'clock) For the love of God what is the problem NOW!!!!!! The bottom of this picture is before the bobbin change-perfect... the top is immediately after.... Thank you in advance :-)
  7. I've done it a few times with batting and found it to be fine. Not too heavy at all.
  8. Thanks Lois! I did it... Turns out my needle bar was too high as well... My cousin who is handy with tools came over and helped me and that made is SO much easier.. I kept having the hook move when I was testing it's location and the needle would get pinched in between she metal pieces...But we got it done and it's stitching beautifully, EVEN if I tweak the tension one way or the other... WHEW!!!!! I really think I experinced the "perfect storm" of issues all at once... What would make my needle bar move, btw? Hitting a ruler? Cause I have done that more times than I can count....
  9. Thank you Dawn! I just wanted to ask before I did the "drastic" thing...(I'm askeered of timing) ...Amy did have me check for hook play back when this started. I think I've had multiple issues at once...burrs in my take up lever and u tension spring thingy. Burrs/rough spots in the thumb of my mitten.... and when I replaced/buffed all these out i was fine MOST of the time, but still had this occasional issue which has become obnoxious on the last 2 quilts using Bottom Line... And I would be GLAD to switch threads if there were something else as fine I could use on quilts that need thin threads so as to go over embroidery/applique and not detract/show (I'm gonna start using the magnifico/fantastico soon)... I'll be digging into my hook/timing later today then...EEK, I don't know WHY that intimidates me so! The video is awesome... What an great resource! The last time I had to time was on a different brand machine almost 8 yrs ago and we just had some diagrams from a quilting book that was not specific to any machine...So I'm well armed now...still don't wanna do it though...
  10. Dawn I am still having issues and there really is no rhyme or reason to them... I'm running Bottom Line on top maxi loc in the bobbin.. a combo I've run more times than I can count and the top thread is SORT of shredding but not always. I've adjusted both tensions every way from here to eternity and it will do great then go to hell in the same bobbin... I'll have railroad tracks on the back occasionally, then not.. but the BIGGIE is that the top thread will start to not make stitches but there will be needle holes then stop stitching all together (I have loosened my top tension/rethreaded so no winding/buffed everything) ... Then I have "moment "(like 1/2 inch) of top thread bubbling/shredding then going back and stitching perfectly for EVER... until the next time... BUT.. and this is what brings me to my question... it is ALWAYS going from right to left (from the front of the machine).. I had one section of 1/4 horizontal lines that when I finally caught what it was doing I found that every OTHER line had bubbles in the same spot (the left 1/2 of the line going left) but the other lines were perfect... You know I have replaced and sanded everything I can reach, the only thing I have not done is re-time... I have not broken any needles but I have done more than a 100 quilts in Rainbows or Bottom line alone... would THAT wear out my hook and make me have to re-time? Or do I just need a new hook do you think? I have used those threads exclusively for the 5 yrs I've had the machine and had NO problems... not even one... I just change thread colors and go, I seldom even checked my tension it was always perfect... Until it all fell apart a few months ago... Timing is the only thing I have not done, or sand any parts that can only be reached by removing the hook.... I am feeling very helpless and dumbfounded... I can't get my machine to behave or respond to any of my normal remedies.
  11. Exactly right Chris!!!!! I'm going to call Amy Monday and find out if the take up lever was replaced when it had it's spa treatment 2 yrs ago... If not then it's lasted 4.5 yrs running almost only Rainbows and just now had it's first problem...If it was replaced that gives me a good timeline as well...It has worked about 10X harder the last 2 yrs than it did the first...So it was seriously due to have it's first hissy-fit... Thank YOU for staying with it for ME DAWN!!!! OMG you were a lifesaver being on here and answering the bat signal after hours and on weekends... I SO appreciate you! I'm pleased to report I got through a twin sized panto today and not one break, except when I didn't know my bobbin had run out... I think I can unclench my neck muscles now...
  12. Oh wow... I just ordered everything ELSE on the side of the machine AND a new bobbin case... I didn't know about the lever!!! I'll call them Monday...Thanks for suggesting it... but... uh.. is it hard (hardware-y hard) to change? Cause that just scares me... I already stripped the screw that holds in the hook finger.. NOW I know to use ice to loosen a screw... but didn't.. My "hardware jane" cousin is going to come down w/a dremmel tool and cut a new slot in it so I can get it out...I ordered replacement screws btw..
  13. Update: If what I did is wrong, I don't wanna be right... So I've been working on this problem since my last post and think I just now, today, have it figured out.. I think I actually had TWO problems, top and hook.... I did find a rough spot on the "thumb" in the hook, in the U part... I sanded it smooth but still had problems with shredding..I sanded and buffed every piece of hook assembly I could get to w/out taking it out... I cried to Amy on the phone for ... well... IDK but she stayed after 5pm one night to keep me from putting an axe through the machine... I've thought I had it figured out more times than I can count because I would be able to quilt for a few feet and not have an issue and I'd be all prepared to come and tell you what I did and then WHAM....ISSUES!!!!! I stopped having skipped stitches and knots underneath after hook sanding... (I was also running Bottom Line in the bobbin when I usually use only Maxi Loc and I could not for the life of me get the bobbin tension to read any looser on my Towa no matter how much I loosened it up... The screw was about to fall out!) But even after the skipping stopped the top thread would NOT stop shredding in front of the needle.. When I would pull the "break" down I would see that the shredding seemed to start around the upper pigtail... I replaced BOTH pigtails and removed an extra guide I had on my needle bar..I was then able to get through the quilt that's been on there for the two weeks I've been struggling with this and honestly thought I had it whipped... This morning I loaded the next quilt and could not even get my top line stitched for the breaking/shredding... I was in tears...Considering what my new occupation would be and informed my kids to prepare to go to daycare cause I was not going to be working from home anymore... It was a dark hour As I stared at the thread (Rainbows, what I run 99.9% of the time and I will not change. Both my customers and I are addicted to it) and it was smooth and unharmed/twisted properly until the upper pigtail... well... actually it started to "untwist" right above it... after the up/down thingy (tensioner arm?... wait I'll go look it up) TAKE UP LEVER ... After the take up lever it started looking rough... I'd buffed the inside of it out w/a small piece of emery cord but I ran a piece of thread through it again anyway... There was no "catching" but it didn't glide as buttery smooth as it did every other place it rubbed... So I got out a really fat piece of emery cord, that barely fit through the hole, and buffed the living crap out of it... I've done a whole pass of Feeling Groovy panto and the only breaks were when the bobbin ran out, and the stitches look good... I am cautiously optimistic... I would be jumping for joy but I did that this morning before I loaded the current quilt... so.. I'm just kinda "bouncing" for joy... If you don't hear from me assume I'm still a quilter... Thank you so much for your help and ideas and for making me feel like I wasn't completely alone in the dark world... (also during this time we've had a blizzard ((30 inches of snow in 5 days)), 19 hrs of no power, threat of no water and current boil alert, and no school for the kids for 8 weekdays in a row, all of which added to the stress of taking a machine apart..lol) but I survived, the machine is axe free, and there is still tequila left in the bottle... well.. the NEW bottle...
  14. Very cool Meg!!! You are too funny! I'll check there too! Thank you!
  15. Thanks Meg! Do you still have the instructions? In the bobbin case? By 'v' you mean where the thread slides down then goes behind the tension thingy? I'm so "techical" huh?
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