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  1. Hi Barb This sounds fun! Sign me up for 2 slots. Thanks for organizing this swap.
  2. Hi all, I just found a pattern for a mat and ruler bag. It holds a 6"x24" ruler in a pocket plus additional pockets for other rulers and supplies. Room for 18"x24" mat inside. Very sturdy! It's called Pocket Full of Rulers. at I just took a class and this was the pattern we used. Not quite finished with it or else I would post a picture. I love it...big roomy and can carry a lot of stuff.
  3. So I was cruising about on ebay and found this little item which I thought would make an excellent candidate for a small portable design wall....I know most of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking "tape some flannel on a wall already" I dunno it kinda looks kinda funky steampunk-ish and I like it (Ebay item 251147936721)
  4. Lisa and all, I saw those design a way pull downs and was impressed with them too. If I could afford it I would probably go with that.... BUT.... I can get a used screen for almost nothing and I already have the flannel/batting and imagination/mechanical ability to repurpose an old screen into something useful and COOL that would otherwise end up in a dump somewhere. The reason I thought a screen would work was that the roller would be more heavy duty than a window shade and be able to support the weight of a quilt....I dunno maybe I'm over thinking it...I'm prone to that
  5. Thanks to everyone for your replies and ideas. Carmen your quilt blocks are just lovely! I looked at that Vanishing design wall and I want something wider than they offer. I think I will try to contact someone at the manufacturer and talk to them about how to re- purpose a used screen. I know that they tape the screen onto the roller but like was mentioned I don't know what kind of room is in the case....maybe the roller can be removed and put in a larger custom made housing hmmmmm.......I'll get back if you all are interested:D
  6. Me and my wild imagination is wondering if anyone has tried making a design wall on a pull down, wall mounted, projector screen?? I wonder if flannel or light weight cotton batting glued to the screen would work and still be able to roll up properly....hmmmmm
  7. I ran across this quilt project and thought it was a pretty cool idea and wanted to share it with the group. I am NOT soliciting monetary support for this person (although I have pledged because I like it) Just wanted to share:
  8. So how do you attach a side mounted PCQ? How do you mount the puck? Do you have a stitch regulator on the APQS machine? If so, how did you disconnect the SR to run PCQ? Are there any other modifications/wiring needed for APQS? Curious Pat
  9. I just ran across the pictures of your new studio. What a wonderful space. I could just hear the wind whispering thru the trees and the birds chirping in the distance. I have been given the go ahead to start the conversion of our 20\' x 24\' garage into a studio for MEEEEE! Yipee! I\'m lucky because the electrical and drywall had already been installed when we bought this place. After seeing your windows, I can see how it opens up the space. My view isn\'t as magnificant as yours but it does look out over a garden area that could be developed nicely. I was thinking of putting in a 4 door center opening sliding door (12\' span) across the front and either a garden type window or regular windows across the side. Of course the more I dream the more it costs DANG! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your space...pat K
  10. I used one of those brass circular clover embroidery thread cutters that are designed to be worn around a persons neck. I strapped it instead to the handle of my mille and it works fab. So it not only is it a great tool but also adds some bling to the machine!
  11. I received an email from the Sharon Schamber Network announcing that Sharon had won the challenge with her quilt "Scarlet Serenade". Anyone else heard anything or is this a hoax? pkk
  12. I entered the machine quilting world with a Janome, b-line frame, pcq program amd max throat. Paid around 4500 for the setup. When it worked it did OK. Getting it to work with my computer was iffy. A friend and I bought our set ups at the exact time. I was able to get mine up and running after much learning curve involvement. She was never able to get hers to work right. The support people were not knowledgeable and being able to work out a problem was very, very frustrating over the phone. At times she was blamed for the malfunctioning of the machine. It turned out to be a bad chip/ motherboard issue. After a year of toubleshooting, she finally packed it up and sent it back and they sent her an upgraded unit for her trouble. The new unit has been used a few times with success. Bottom line....if you have a .....LOT ......of patience, are willing to learn ( the hard way) and a computer you can TOTALLY dedicate to this set up it could be worth your while. Me...after 1 1/2 yr. I bought a Mille and haven\'t used the other since. I will put in a plug for PCQ designer software program. I thought it was user friendly and easy to learn . I think the new version is called PRO-Q-designer. good luck Pat K
  13. Thanks Dawn and all who replied. First I will level my frame, and check bolts. Then I will call APQS...then ghostbusters PKk
  14. Thanks Linda Yes it makes sense. I will give it a look over. I have a Millie