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  1. Oh my! That is more ghastly than I thought, LOL!! I HOPE I don't look quite like that tomorrow! Working on it right now.... sitting here with my hair up in brown goo, waiting for the clock. In about 10 minutes I'm going to go wash the goo out, and hope the brown sticks. Otherwise, that is just what you'll be seeing tomorrow. Lol! PattyJo, I wishwishwish you were coming with us tomorrow. Pooh.
  2. LOL, Mary Beth, that was IT!!! I was sure there was some tag line I was forgetting, and you came up with it. Thanks! I've GOT to go dye my hair, or I'll never be on time tomorrow!
  3. Ok.... for Bekah and anyone else who wants to be able to find me (why?) at some point this week, here I am. Lucky you! I can't guarantee I won't be looking any different from this come first thing tomorrow morning, or at any point this week, LOL, but "the inside is the part we're SUPPOSED to care about", in the words of one of my very favorite world renowned characters of the silver screen. (Here's a hint: What's green and sings? No, not Elvis Presley this time!) Oh yeah, but I'm just about to go in there and paint my hair the right color again, which means tomorrow I won't have that beeeautiful skunk look. :cool:
  4. JoAnn, that melts my heart!! How lucky that little kitty is to have found YOU. Bless you for taking him under your - er..... wing. Yeah, wing. What's the pound kitty's name? I'd love to see a pic of them together. Thanks for sharing this little angelic-faced being, who probably is anything but, if your experience will be the same as mine! Have fun with them.
  5. Oh Lordy! I haven't even LOOKED at my class numbers! Did we get the room numbers in the mail? I don't see any room numbers....??? Where did you get that information?
  6. What are crocs? Portable CD player - check! Wire for portable CD player - check! Case for portable CD player - check! Headphones for portable CD player - check! Go-to-sleep CD in portable CD player - check! Batteries for portable CD player! - Check! What's missing? Oh yeah! DD's permission to borrow her portable CD player! LOL! Better get THAT, or I'll be toast when I get back! What ARE crocs?
  7. Thanks, Pat, but I'm sure you're having problems because my picture broke your computer, LOL!!
  8. LOLL!! I hear you guys on the hair color issue. Guess what I'll be doing later this morning! Yup. I'll be the one with newly re-browned short shaggy-looking bad hair-cut, hopefully not orange again! You never can tell by the color on the box, it seems. Bekah, does that mean curls? I should post a pic of me, but they're all so embarrassing I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm waiting till my hair grows out again to look more like the pic of me I posted after SHana posted hers of her and her sissies. I'm the one on the middle. Oh! I have braces, so when I smile you'll know me, LOL! CAN you believe the day I've had already? Ok.... Tuesday and Friday are DS's Jazz Band days, which means I leave the house with him at 7:45. DD usually leaves the house at 7:00, walking to school. This morning I got up at 5:30, so I was on the comp before DD. When she was almost ready for school.... about 7:00, she says, "You need to drive me today, because my back hurts really bad." So I say "OK", thinking there'd just be time to get her to school, get me back, get DS to school on time - assuming he gets himself ready in time, which would be debatable... Anyway, complicated a little already. So... just when I think DD is ready to leave... 7:20, comes a knock and the doorbell rings. "Who in the blankety-blank...?" say I (no I wasn't swearing up a blue streak, only thinking it.) DD answers, and I think it must be her friend she likes to walk with sometimes, but she sounds kind of surprised, so I go see who, and it's my neighbor across the way. "I locked my keys in the car and my house is all locked", says she. Her housemate is at work already, but she remembers she left a key with me to water her flowers last summer while she was gone. "I know I have it still," say I confidently, and rush back in to find them. They are NOWHERE to be found. I rush all around the house looking for them, but cannot find them anywhere. It is 7:23. I run upstairs to wake up DH, who says grumpily that he's never ever seen our neighbor's keys and would I shut the door please. I run back downstairs and frantically rummage through all drawers, finding nothing. The phone rings. It is 7: 30. It is Jim Hogan, in answer to my U2U about riding with him on Friday. He very nicely says I can call him back later. My neighbor asks to use my phone, but says she has to look up the number of her housemate in the phone book, but she has locked her glasses in her car as well. We rummage through the 17 or so phone books it takes to serve Tualatin, finally finding the right one, finally finding the right name. It's 7:36. DS is going to be late. I leave my neighbor on the phone as DD and I rush out the door. I speed up the hill and around the corner near the school, and as I do DD says, "What's that policeman doing there?" Yes indeed, there is a police car with lights flashing sitting JUST this side of the next intersection, and as I slowly drive by (so as not to scrape the side of his poorly parked car) I notice he has his ray-gun out pointing at the cars going by. I can NOT believe this. Everyone's going under 20 at that point anyway, as it's RIGHT by the light. Where on earth was he when a semi ran the red light and God's angels alone saved me and my DD from being CREAMED by him? Ok.... we need cops to patrol the streets, on with my day. Home again, DS is, of course, not ready. It is 7:47. So I get him so, frantically throwing a hastily buttered english muffin into his hands along with the saxophone, clarinet, lunch box, and over-full backpack for this day. Off to school. We made it in record time, thank God there were no school-children-conscientious policemen on the way to the middle school this morning! (Of course, there never are any school children on their way to the school at this hour on any day anyway.) I drop him off at school at 7:59 (band starts at 8:00), and contendedly drive away.... UNTIL - I remember that today is picture day!! Well, you can't win 'em all. He's gonna look like he's gonna look and that's all there is to it. At least DS's picture will be a true representation of him at this age, LOL!! Thank goodness I was unusually organized and filled out the order form last night and put it in his backpack. Now I know for CERTAIN I won't be doing THAT again this time tomorrow! :D
  9. Hey folks! At this time tomorrow I'll either we wandering around trying to find Bekah and Beth or the transit station, or I'll be sitting in my car wondering which of the oodles of people getting off Max is Bekah... LOL!! What will you be doing?
  10. Cheryll, I echo what's already been said here. No, I don't have experience myself directly with an alcoholic, but my DH is an adult child, and so is my mother, so I've done some reading. I fear I see the seeds of the disease in my own son as well, and so feel close to you in this way. No mother can watch her child suffer without her own heart bleeding for him, and I know the only way to walk this path is with your hands in those of others, side by side. Don't walk alone, find people who understand and share your prayers. I know this is not an answer, but I did recently read a book that has some ideas on the subject of WHY alcoholics exist, and it might be a good book to read. I think it gives some hope. I read it because my son (now 13) has been in the grip of something I believe has a lot to do with his diet, and this book was recommended by a naturopathic doctor. It's called, "Potatoes, not Prozac". I forget the author, as it was from the library. I'm sure if you google it you'll find it somewhere. I think the author is correct, though, in stating that alcoholics have not only an emotional problem with handling the stuff, they also have a dietary need for something in it... the sugar. Some people will pooh-pooh this idea, but they haven't watched their child's behavior change with sugar consumption like I have. I hope this helps. Please know your son is in our prayers, and you do not walk alone, nor does he, ever.
  11. Anybody else found something, the Taj Mahal for instance, in their tomato?
  12. The question of the year, LOL!! I'm sorry, I can't help with that one, but I'd sure love to know about your nickname. I love cats, and I can only imagine what three cats in a basket is like! Wait! That must be "biscuits"! Ha! I'd love to see three cats fighting over biscuits, now THAT would be something. LOL!
  13. My BIL LOVES Nascar, and I'd love to see what you do with these. Please post pics!
  14. Teresa, I'm sorry I missed this before. My heart goes out to you and to his family. You did such a beautiful thing for your friend, and I'm very sure his family will treasure it always, and they are being warmed by it right now. What a blessing you are!
  15. Would LOVE to see what this is. I used bug jar fabric for a classroom in the elementary school quilt I made and donated last year. I wonder if the same fabric is in your quilt....?