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  1. Oh, I see you are in Mass., which would be a long way to ship.
  2. I have a 12' table/frame and would like a 10'. Located in British Columbia Canada. Where are you ?
  3. well, that didn't work very well and quilt has been picked up so no further pics.
  4. I hope the quilting shows in photo. Customers was thrilled and that is what is important, right?
  5. Yes it is called Summer Lily and your comments have helped. I was trying to see geometric shapes and it was not working for me. Now I see that it is a flower with the dark centre and petals. That will make it much easier to choose the areas to 'push back'. As always your comments have been very helpful. I will post a picture when completed. It is an entry for our local guild show so time to get at it. Thanks to all who commented and all who looked!
  6. Has anyone quilted this design before? I have been looking at it for a few days and coming up blank. Any ideas would be appreciated. There are borders, including a border print that don't show here. Thanks,
  7. I love what you did on the plain black corners. I did one of these a few months ago. I'll have to check the pics to remember what i did!
  8. I would not agree to use white on top and red or any other color in the bobbin. I always match my bobbin thread to the top thread as close as I can (unless it is my own quilt) because I hate seeing thread trying to peek through on the wrong side. That's my solution. Maybe someday I will get confident enough with the tension adjustments to use two colors.
  9. I have both the Hartley base extender and the Ruler Mate. i use the hartley because I was getting constant thread breakage with the ruler mate. My Hartley base fits tight and I don't mind putting it on and off as needed.
  10. Thankd you for posting! The quilts are amazing. Wish I was there!
  11. Thanks, Linda. I really appreciate that. Enjoy the show & conference!
  12. I think you have inspired many of us to try verigated on black. I must order that stencil!! Beautiful work.