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  1. Linda, will you be at MQX West in Portland, OR in October by any chance? There's a special Computerized Quilting Mini Conference. See our Art and Stitch class descriptions here: http://www.artandstitch.com/workshops/mqx2011.htm Loes
  2. Congratulations Linda! You have a super combination now: APQS with IQ. You will absolutely love it. And in no time you will *see* designs anywhere you go. Want to see what I did within 24 hours after I got my IQ on my APQS Lucey? I made a quilted vest See my blog http://artandstitch-loes.blogspot.com/2011/04/jacket-vest-project-finished-project.html Oh, and Stella, you have to eat and breathe every now and then, but you can skip sleeping Loes
  3. That will be super to meet in Milwaukee. Our Milwaukee Art and Stitch classes can be found here: http://mqtoday.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=86&id=321 Our list of events for 2011 and plans for 2012 can be found here: http://www.artandstitch.com/workshops/index.htm Loes (still at least a week to go before I can unpack my Blissy Lucey and IQ... but the new kitchen is getting beautiful)
  4. Funny how this ancient thread of 2008 is revived Meanwhile we have added lots and lots of functions to our Pre-Design Studio software since 2008. We have added more quilt formats too. See http://www.pre-designstudio.com Movies can be found on page: http://www.pre-designstudio.com/tutorials.htm And even more important: we have over the past years developed new software, dedicated to longarm quilting and suitable for machine embroidery as well. It is full digitizing software, called Art and Stitch. See website http://www.artandstitch.com Movies on page: http://www.artandstitch.com/tutorials.htm We will be teaching Art and Stitch at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show in August 2011 (the Jump Start class is fully booked but they have added an extra class on Saturday) and we will be having our own Art and Stitch Retreat - 2 days of hands-on computer classes, all dedicated to creating your own quilt patterns with Art and Stitch - August 16 and 17 2011. For our full class list see page http://www.artandstitch.com/workshops/index.htm Loes (renovating the kitchen overhere and now my APQS Lucey with IntelliQuilter is packed away to protect against dust - I miss her so much!)
  5. Hi everyone, We're almost packing for Innovations (leaving this Friday, taking a "little detour" via Alaska). We will be teaching 5 classes (Art and Stitch and Pre-Design Studio). There are still openings, so if you haven't registered, do it now: http://www.pre-designstudio.com/innovations.htm'>http://www.pre-designstudio.com/innovations.htm If anyone wants us to secure a copy of Art and Stitch or Pre-Design Studio, please email me privately so we can put it in our suitcases. Looking forward to meeting many of you. Oh and Shana, can't you ask your parents to postpone their 50th anniversary so that you can be in Alaska while we are visiting? Hugs, Loes http://www.artistitch.com http://www.pre-designstudio.com http://www.artandstitch.com
  6. We're back, we're home from MQS, New York and Minneapolis Spring Market, we even got rid of the jet lag, so we're all up and running again and are shipping Art and Stitch orders as we speak JoAnn, We are so happy that you are the winner in the new Original Digitized category! While choosing the winning quilt from the entries we didn't know the names of the quilters of course. We were in awe of your quilt: it is sort of representing what you can do with Art and Stitch: so creative and so much fun with those "hidden" animals in the quilting. Great job and great fun to give the prize to you. Loes
  7. Thanks Linda! We haven't seen the article yet. Will have to wait for MQS to be able to get a copy of the magazine. I hope it just says nice things about our new "baby" Loes
  8. Hi everyone, I have uploaded a new YouTube video showing one of the functions of the new Art and Stitch software in action: how to create your own motifs. Using motifs is a great alternative for stippling, will make your quilt look really artistic and Motifs are really easy to make and use in Art and Stitch. Take a look at: Our hands-on class for Art and Stitch is fully booked, but we still have seatings in the lecture demo class "Introduction to Art and Stitch". http://www.pre-designstudio.com/classes2010.htm Looking forward to MQS - to see many of you again. Loes, standing in front of the closet to decide what to wear for the festive launch of Art and Stitch at MQS... If I could only loose some weight in the next week, to look like my Logo...
  9. Thanks! The program is so super and it's great to be able to play all day. User Guide / Tutorial is almost finished. More videos will be made in the coming 2 weeks, which will be included on the Art and Stitch CD. Official introduction is at MQS in May. Time flies Oh, speaking of MQS... there is an extra class added: Class #224 - the first hands-on digitizing class for Art and Stitch. See description on page: http://www.pre-designstudio.com/classes2010.htm Hope to see you all soon! Loes
  10. Hi everyone, I made another YouTube movie showing a function of the new Art and Stitch digitizing software in action. It shows how to draw around an applique piece in a quilt and fill the block, leaving the applique part open. Result is a continuous path with minimal overstitching, one start, one stop: You can use anything as a fill around the applique, motifs (which are a great creative alternative for stippling), cross hatching or line hatching. Hope you like it! The first YouTube movie, showing how to use Creative Background fillers can be seen here: For more information about Art and Stitch, visit http://www.artandstitch.com Loes http://www.artistitch.com http://www.pre-designstudio.com http://www.artandstitch.com
  11. Bernina embroidery machines can open EXP format. Art and Stitch is a full digitizing program, dedicated to longarm quilting but also great for embroidery digitizing. Art and Stitch can open ART files, and save as EXP files for Bernina (plus many, many other quilt and embroidery formats). So you won't need anything else than Art and Stitch Pre-Design Studio II has some neat embroidery stitch capabilities too, but only for outlines, not filled designs: it can create jumpfree redwork, quilting patterns and applique, in DST format, which can be read by most machines with a USB port. Pre-Design Studio II comes with Pulse Ambassador on the CD, which can convert the DST into any home embroidery format. For Bernina you would need the EXP. Loes
  12. Hi Sue, I hope you got some sleep after all. It was great to tie 3 computers together and see you, in Australia, take over my mouse in the Netherlands and draw your first pattern in Art and Stitch. Today I have uploaded more information on the Art and Stitch website. Take a look on page: http://www.artandstitch.com/ Extra information is on the Overview page: http://www.artnstitch.com/overview.htm And on the Frequently Asked Questions page: http://www.artnstitch.com/faq.htm It sure was wonderful to talk halfway around the world during our Skype / Mikogo conference call. A computer and a microphone is all we need for an online demo, it's just amazing. Our next live demo is at Claudia's Open House in Krefeld end of this week. Hugs, Loes
  13. You can make the drawings any size. In Pre-Design Studio II there's a Print Preview function, where you can see how the pattern will be divided over the numbered pages. By adding a help line and moving it you can influence the place of the pattern on the paper and you can set it to landscape or portrait. You can also print the pattern as a PDF using a program called CutePDF. Then set the paper size to the largest size a print shop can take and send the PDF to Kinkos or another print shop. Claudia did that with the draft drawing for her new show quilt: she printed it from Pre-Design Studio II to an A0 size PDF (which is larger than 1x1 meter/yards) and let a print shop print the PDF on one piece of paper. And I did the same with a garment pattern I made for myself with Pre-Design Studio II. When I got it back from the print shop, it just looked like a Vogue pattern, and I made it myself But taping pages together really is a breeze with my post-it notes trick and that saves money (yeah, yeah, we're Dutch) The print preview function is also shown in the YouTube movie: Loes
  14. Happy Birthday! We will take the time to have a nice glass of wine here for your birthday, then you can just keep running around overthere Loes