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  1. I changed the bobbin on a customer's quilt, and when I re-started, the head moves, but the needle is acting like I have the needle in the OFF position. I checked all the cables - all secure. I shut down everything and re-started. I have the motor on, the stitches per inch at 10, I can't think of anything else. Any suggestions for anyone will be REALLY appreciated. Kathy Tamosaitis APQS Milli CQ with belt drive
  2. I switched mounting methods on my 14' APQS Milly. I have the 3 zippers you sew onto the leaders, as well as 3 sets of zippers you attach to your backing and quilt top. They are all packaged and labeled. I am asking $30.00 for the complete set. Thanks for considering these. Kathy Tamosaitis
  3. I have had a number of questions on whether it will work on other machines, I only know it will work on a Milli. Does anyone have any experience with the HF on other machines? I can measure mine and see if they are the same size. My zip code is 92679 if anyone wants to calculate what shipping will cost. I will only add actual shipping to the price.
  4. I recently remembered I never sold this! I'm lowering the price to $300.00. It is a great tool, contact me if you have any questions. It does great baptist fans, great circles, grids, etc. etc.
  5. My husband is coming with me, so I need a room at the Sheraton with a King Size bed for Tues & Wed nights, Sept 18 & 19. I already have a room for Thurs and Fri. If anyone has an extra King room reserved for those nights I'd love to talk to you - the Sheraton says they will transfer the confirmation over to my name. Thanks for your help. Kathy Tamosaitis
  6. This Hartley Fence is still for sale. I am lowering the price to $400.00. I have loved this gadget, here (hopefully) is an example of the wonderful Baptist Fans it is capable of.
  7. I am selling my slightly used Hartly Fence. It does great circles, diagnals, baptist fans, etc. The Fence has the 'Positive locking Brake Assembly', but not the cookie patterns. I am asking $425 plus shipping. New Hartley fences cost $595.