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  1. I wondered how many of you in business for others use two longarms in your business? Maybe one for edge to edge computerized designs and one for custom work? What kind of set ups do you have? Any helpful hints on how to schedule and manage panto quilts and custom quilts? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Have Any of you used the scoop foot (or spoon foot) on appliqué at all? I have a Customer’s appliquéd quilt that the edges are not completely flat and I wondered if using that foot would keep the edges from flipping up...? Thanks for any help you might offer! Denise
  3. I’m looking for a digital pantograph for my compuquilter that has something to do with books, bookworms, reading glasses, something like that. I’ve googled and searched panto sites with no luck. Can anyone direct me to a panto like that? Thanks!
  4. Quilters, I’m having an issue with a computerized design and I’m grasping at straws to fix it since this quilt is needed right away. I have Compuquilter so its hard to find answers when/if I have an issue like this but it may just be a computerized design issue and nothing to do with the program. I would appreciate any help you might offer....I truly appreciate it! Here’s the issue: The first row of the quilt quilted about 3-4 inches past the place it should have stopped at the far edge. Then when it came back to zero, it was 3-4 inches short of where it actually started. I moved the head
  5. I’m looking into mats or something for my concrete floor in the sewing room. I think I need different shoes too. What do you use for feet and back support if you have concrete floors in your studio?
  6. Hi all, I fully float all of my tops on my Millie. I’m looking for a good way to keep the top and batting off of the floor while quilting. Any good ideas? What do y’all use? Thanks! Denise
  7. Thank you ladies! Shana....I have devised a new schedule similar to what you suggested, but I haven’t actually written the names on a calendar to determine what my turnaround time should actually be. That is the missing piece that I think will help me have right expectations and give the right time for customers. Thanks so much....this forum is always just what i need! Denise
  8. I was hoping that some experienced longarmers might help me with managing my business. I am having a good problem i guess - I’m overwhelmed with quilts and not sure how to organize the flow of work. I longarm for a quilt shop, longarm for personal customers, and make T-shirt and memory quilts for personal customers as well. How do you prioritize quilts coming in for longarming? How do you fit memory/tshirt quilts into your schedule while longarming? Do you only extend your turnaround time or am I missing some management technique? I have a computerized system that I use most of the time for q
  9. I bought a Millie with Compuquilter a few months ago and I'm learning how to use it. My question for today is can it go any faster than it does? I have the stitches per inch on the Execute screen all the way to the right, the dial on the machine head at 100%, and the stitch speed at 11. I'm also open to any tips you might have for using the program that might help a newbie. Thanks so much!!
  10. Thanks, Zeke, for your help! I just noticed that you have the Compuquilter like I do....Do you mind if I ask you another question? I've noticed that the computer takes two or three times as long as free motion for me. Is there a way to speed up the machine? Thanks again!
  11. Zeke and Lora, so on your set up, do you have to disconnect the cables every time you advance the quilt to baste the edges? That's what I would have to do I think....unless there's another way? Thanks for helping me!
  12. If so, do you do that while doing free motion? Or while using your computerized system? Do you use pins to secure the edges or a basting stitch? I just got my computerized system working and my clients like quilting close to the edges or quilting OFF THE EDGES so that binding is easier to attach. What is the best way to do this that will keep me from ripping stitches when the hopping foot catches the edge of the quilt? Thanks, Denise
  13. Selling my 'baby'....Ultimate XX just upgraded two months ago with the Perfect Stitch stitch regulator from QuiltEZ (valued at $4,000 - see all of its features at 14' table, M&M wheels, new motor, new wiring, new handles and lighting, new needle bar, new hopping foot (works with rulers now!), needle up/down button, tie off button. The stitch regulator works beautifully! I love this machine....the only reason I'm selling is that I found a great deal in a Millie with a computer (which I will use in my business as well as free motion). Because of the recent new stitch regulato
  14. Reduced? What is the new price? Where is the machine located?
  15. Thanks to this great forum, I am looking into a stitch regulator for my Ulimate XX instead of upgrading. I am waiting to hear from Intellistitcher to see if they are still selling and installing theirs, but I also found 'Perfect Stitcher' by Quilt EZ. Anyone heard of them and know how well their stitch regulator works? Or I'm open to other suggestions for after market regulators. I love my machine and, if I could get a stitch regulator for certain projects, I think I would be set! Thanks for your help!
  16. Thank you Lora for posting these questions....I have been running these through my mind as well. I have an Ultimate XX and I didn't know I could put a stitch regulator on it....what is the 'I/S' that you mentioned? If I had that, I wouldn't even consider upgrading based on these comments....thanks y'all! Denise
  17. Cagey and Nigel, I do have rear handles but I will need to add a laser light for pantos. I have only done free motion so I would need to learn to do pantos... Thanks for the helpful responses.....I thought that 7 quilts in a day was probably inaccurate info but I also thought maybe I was doing something wrong.
  18. HI Carol, I still have the Ultimate XX and it still sews great! I was just wondering if an upgrade with a few more bells and whistles would help save some time. I was told that a lady could quilt 7 quilts in 8 hours with pantos....first I wondered if that was feasible and then I wondered if pantos really do save time. Just considering all options...
  19. I have started quilting more tops for customers and I'm feeling like I should be spending less time getting them done. I'd like to hear from some of you who quilt for long does it take you from loading to unloading to quilt, say, a lap sized simple edge to edge design?
  20. I have a couple of questions about your Millie that is for sale....does the machine have any glitches or problems? Do you know the reason for parting with it? And, just to confirm...the machine is in Tulsa, not Tennessee, correct? I just noticed that your signature line says Tennessee which is closer to me so I thought I would ask.... Denise in Georgia
  21. Does anyone have a good source (ideally wholesale) for printable, fusible fabric sheets? I am making a few memory quilts soon that I need to print the photos onto the fabric and then fuse them to the quilt square. Or is there a simpler method of putting the photos onto the quilt? Thanks! Denise in Georgia