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  1. Hello Everybody, hope you are all well and happy. I just received a Block for 2007 from Pam Hish. Thank you very much Pam, it is a beautiful Ohio Star Block. In case anyone else sees me on the list, please note that I had requested to be removed from it last year and cannot participate in the exchange. Thank you again. Monika
  2. Well Theresa, there is nothing pathetic about your attempt . That is a terrific sampler, everything is so exact. That is great!
  3. That is wonderful that you are all doing okay and holding your own. My business is picking up quite a bit as well, but not as much as I would like to see, I was hopeing to have 5/week by now, but I guess I am dreaming? I have about 5 per month, and I am actively advertising, handing out business cards, putting up posters, giving my customers a %5% coupon for referrals they bring me, even had an E-Bay auction and got one cyustomer from that, but after I paid all the fees, I took a hit. Have a listing in my Etsy Store for a double/queen size Quilt, but no takers. I guess my prices are to high, but I am in league with everyone else around here and I charge what I am worth. I am told to hang in there, it\'s only been 6 month really that I have actively pursued customers. Got myself Linda Taylors DVD\'s on Feathers, freeform and fillers and love it and I am getting better all the time. I just need customers with Quilts!!!! One of these days??
  4. I recently caught a glimpse of some of you Ladies discussing counterweights. I would like to know why you would use counterweights and where you would place them on the Machine. Sorry if this has been discussed previously, can't seem to find it in the topics. Thanks a bunch Monika
  5. This is geat, I just orderd a selection of brytes from Longarm supply. Looking forward to playing with those brite colors.
  6. Thank you all very much for your input and compliments. Winding Road is a roll pattern by N. Sharp and distributed by Simple Quilting Stitches. Thanks again
  7. Here is a close up you can really see the color of the thread
  8. Angela, I finished it with a Winding Road Pattern in Rainbow variegated thread. When I lookd at that Quilt I saw a Coral Reef and was expecting the tropical fish to come out from behind the colored rows (no I am not smoking dope) So I needed something to accentuate but not overtake the Bargello design. The winding road has gentle stepped rise and fall, reminding me of ripples and waves
  9. Thanks Heidi, I was wondering what an all over Teardrop meander with big loops would contribute in a variegated rayon that has all the bright colors in it. it might enhance the border, give it texture, and bring out the bargello? I am stumped. Maybe I\'ll do the Chantilly lace in variegated Rayon instead of freehand. Anyone else have any suggestions? Please pretty please with honey
  10. Big Hugs Renee, I am so sorry to hear you must let go. I was at that point just a couple of weeks ago and thanks to some encouragement from my friends at this forum and otherplaces, i decided to hang on just a bit longer. I hope I can stay hanging on. I think I\'d rather let go of my hubby than my freedom! will get better
  11. Hello I received this Quilt from Texas a few days ago, yes Texas, there just is not enough work for me in Canada, I have to go to Texas to get it lol. Anyway, we want to do it freehand and are wondering what suggestions you might have to turn this into a stunning Wall hanging. Any help from you talented LA\'ers would be very appreciated. Thanks a bunch
  12. Congratulations! Wishing you both many more happy times together.
  13. Nice Tattoo. Love the catfish, it\'s very well done. My daughter has tattoos all obver her body, I shake my head, but to each their own.
  14. Well Linda, Shana said it so elequently and I agree absolutely. You did a beautiful job. I have a Pattern for a Jacket, I think in my next lull period I\'ll try it. You gave me inspiration.
  15. I buy all my supplies from linda at Linda and Rhonda are absolute wonderful to deal with and shipping is absolutely prompt and actual charge. I tried the new thread from Italy and I will never go back to Aurifil! As far as batting is concerned, i am in cahoots with a lady here who has a buis licence and I get Soft landing Polyester and Quilters dream Cotton at wholesale. As far as Hobbs 80/20 is concerned I found from Ohio a super buy. They have occassional specials queen size Hobbs 80/20 for $15.99, needless to say I order case lots then, but it\'s worth to check them out, if you buy $50.00 in the US the shipping is free. That is a great deal. PS. For Canada, i only pay $7.00 shipping regardless of how much I order from them, $100.00 or $500.00...again, for me in Canada a super deal.
  16. I tell you...quilting would just be totally boring without a bunch of wonderful people like yourself to keep a person\'s spirit up. I love you all and thank you for your encouragement and compliments.
  17. Yikes...That is aweful! I hope I never have to deal with someone like that.
  18. Thank you Darlene, You were an inspiration and I do aspire to to be on par some day.....
  19. It sure is a beautiful Studio. I really enjoyed my time there, it is spacious and well organized. It was a wonderful experience and I also would like to attend advanced classes if you ever offer them.
  20. Thanks Patty Jo, I am soo busy with my Quilt Store, making Quilts, quilting for customers, getting ready for the Out door markets that are just a few months off now, looking after myself, my blog, and somewhere in there I try to find time for myself. I\'ll try to drop in more frequently. You are all always so positive and helpful, I feel very welcome here.
  21. I seem to have lost mine, yikes...gotta go find it.
  22. Thank you Ladies, Darlene Ebb drummed this design into me when I was taking her workshop. First time I used it to show of a Quilt. Thanks Sherry, I think that my stitches are fairly even considering i dont have a SR on my Freedom. It\'s all in the wrist they say...
  23. Thank you Teresa, it sure looks nice done like that. The moda "back in Time" mod fabrics with the crisp white squares and the dense quilting really show it off.
  24. Sorry its so big, I tried to reduce it but it was already uploaded. here is another of the Quilt on a Bed.