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  1. , the whole point of several of the posts were that the type of machine doesn\'t apply to Sharons applications. She never claimed to be an authority on our machines. Her tips are not meant to correct a problem with a machine, they are quilting techniques and it doesn\'t matter what kind of machine you have. The subject got confused and turned into comparing apples and oranges. If you have a machine problem of course consult your reps/manufacturer, if you want to learn quilting techniques you consult the quilter:-) This whole thing has gotten silly.
  2. giggling along with you now - Sharons\' use of rice bags just netted her a cool $100,000 for her gorgeous quilting. It wouldn\'t matter what brand of machine she used with that kind of talent:-)
  3. "Yesterday, my machine was not moving freely. I wondered if anyone has tried Supreme Free-Motion Slider for their long arm? I attended a guild meeting where Sharon Schamber suggested foam and rice bags and the slider to prevent drag". I was under the impression that Sharon recommended using the foam, rice bags, etc., to CREATE drag for precision quilting, not prevent drag. I use the foam on quilts that are very \'full\' or distorted to help take up excess material and rice bags to weight the top down on either side of the base arm so I can quilt out the fullness without stretching the top and also for slow precision quilting on custom designs. (my rice bags are actually one and two pound bags of dry beans from the grocery store) The free-motion slider is for your domestic.
  4. I love the designs (freebies) from There are all kinds and sizes to choose from.
  5. I have been using those nice cleaner bags with the breathable sides but have decided to also make my own. And tell my ladies to please use them when they bring a top to me. We haveta start somewhere:-) I think a problem with the stores is going to be that they use the plastic/paper bags to advertise their name and logos. I bought 60" wide fabric today, some cotton duck and some closeouts of upholstry fabrics, very pretty, so will start tomorrow on making them. For the quilts I am going to use a lot of my stash! What a great stash buster................I\'ll make them pillowcase style but not as long.
  6. Quilters were the original \'recyclers\', taking old clothing and other used fabric items and recycling them into blankets and wearables. I have been rather lacksidaisical about recycling, sorting cans and bottles but not much else. Today I decided is the day to start and I am challenging all my quilting friends to do the same. This is not a short-term project. Stop using plastic or paper bags at the stores. Paper takes the destruction of trees and plastic lays in our landfills for a thousand years. On the way home today I paid attention to my surroundings and was dismayed at the huge number of plastic bags blowing around and stuck in the pasture fences from people just tossing stuff out their car windows. Many stores are now charging for the plastic bags and some of the big stores are even pulling plastic baby bottles from the shelves due to a study showing that chemicals in the bottles break down and cause (according to studies) damage to developing brains and nervous systems. Plastic is an oil byproduct and we are all feeling the pinch of those prices! We can help break the cycle by using cloth. Cotton, bark, jute, etc., are all renewable resources. So I am sewing my own bags with handles, big and sturdy and washable and I would like to encourage all of you to do the same; then get a friend or another family member to join in, and get them to pay it forward. Some stores are selling bags for a dollar each, nice size, washable, reusuable so if you don\'t want to make your own at least check these out. Lets give back something for the future generations. If anyone can make a difference it will be the women of the world, the original recyclers.
  7. Someone mentioned asking for a money order - please be aware that a money order can be cancelled on you before you cash it. Certified check or cash is the only sure thing. Anything else is based on trust. Even payment with a credit card can be cancelled out.
  8. When I looked at it all I could think about was my first saddle with those wonderful carvings. You have hit it on the head. It is spectacular!!! Hope you were writing down the process for a future book:-)
  9. I buy it by the gallon and either generously pour it on the bobbins as they wind or fill a little cup and just drop them in. Never hurt a thing on my machines. One of the well-known quilters (can\'t remember who) said her parent ran a commercial factory and they kept pails of the sewers aid silicone and dropped in the cones of thread until they quit bubbling. That is when I figured I could soak the heck outta my thread.
  10. lol, how in the heck did this get under Birthday Block Exchange???? I don\'t know how to move it either................HELP..............
  11. Thank you! We have a show coming up (not that they will allow anything to be judged!) but the subject of the new rule was being discussed and there is a glow of misunderstanding around it:-) I\'ll print off the pages and pass around. Told them that someone on \'my list\' would know where to find it.
  12. Sometime ago and I think it was on this group, there was a post/discussion about new entry rules involving longarm quilting, paid quilting, group vs singles, etc. Does anyone remember this? I have searched for the discussion with no luck and really want to read up on it. Thanks for any help.
  13. I\'ve used quite a bit of thread from them in the pretty poly and the cotton both on my embroidery machine and on the longarm without any problems. The first time I saw their thread, it was being used on a longarm demo at a show.
  14. One of my most prolific customers brings me a LOT of x-stitch tops and I quilt right thru them and truthfully it doesn\'t even show. She does hers all on a light background and I match the thread to it for color and use a very thin thread also. I was hesitant at first but she said go for it. Try it next time and save yourself a lot of work.
  15. I have a Nolting and when I couldn\'t get help with the hook and timing issues (no manual available) I found Linda Taylors site and there free for download was everything you could want for the Gamill. What works for the Gamil also works on my Nolting! I downloaded the whole thing and keep it close by now. I was able to change the hook and retime using it. I think her site is Electric Quilt. Changing out the hook and or retiming is the same for all of these commercial machines. I find this list (APQS) to be the most open and helpful along with the least judgemental people:-) And if I ever buy a new machine it will be an APQS based on those reasons.