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  1. What a great idea, Bonnie! Mine are just in a tub. I'll have to invest in some safety pins!!
  2. Every time I saw your picture on a post, I thought, "Wow, she looks exactly like Traci." Finally one day I investigated. It was very cool, not only that you were a quilter, but that you had chosen APQS!!
  3. She is Traci. I've been wondering if anyone else would realize this, or only me. I love Y&R, I've been watching it since it first came on the air way back when, and I'm so glad to be seeing more of Traci now. And I'm doubly excited to find that she is a quilter!!! I was about to answer the brake question, but I see that it has been well-answered already! It's an easy fix.
  4. Glad it all was cleared up. Enjoy your Millie!!
  5. You did a wonderful job quilting it!! Does anyone know the book or pattern this quilt came from?
  6. I LOVE my micro-drive handles. They help me immensely to do detail work, and I couldn't be without them.
  7. You really need to loosen your top tension a LOT with invisible thread.
  8. Best thread ever! I use it almost exclusively on my longarm and it's the only thread I use on my regular sewing machine to piece with, both top and bobbin.
  9. It always happens to me too. When I'm going slower, the stitches are smaller. Faster, they are longer.
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