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  1. The interchangeable feet are wonderful, amazing, awesome. I shipped mine to the factory to have it changed out, so I don't know how hard or easy it is to do yourself. But the feet are great, and they are easy to switch out.
  2. Always fun when your pole becomes a U!!! I feel like one of the guys on fishing shows on TV!
  3. Way back before I got my longarm, I used a Hinterberg Designs machine frame with my Brother 1500. They still make and sell this frame, as well as others for larger machines. The frames are sturdy, made of wood, and use steel pipe for the rollers, so there is no bowing or sagging. It does not sit on a table or anything, so it is stable. It was a nice set-up, but by the time I learned how to operate a machine on a frame, I realized I needed a longarm! But I would highly recommend them! http://www.hinterberg.com/machine-quilting-frames.aspx
  4. The clog foot is made for ruler work. Just not on the front side. It is like the best of both worlds: you can use it to do ruler work and yet still have the good visibility. You just can't use the ruler on the front. If you don't use your ruler on the front, then you have no problem using it!
  5. I didn't buy the Clog foot for that exact reason. I use rulers on the front a lot, so I just got the regular ruler foot. But I do love those small feet, the Flip Flop and the Sneaker foot. They are wonderful.
  6. I agree with Jim. You could trade in your head for a new one (if they take an older one, and I assume you probably wouldn't get much on it), but the new machine may or may not go with your existing table. The other features of a Millie are nice, the channel locks are nice, and the single stitch button is nice, but certainly not near necessary. The stitch regulator is the most important in my mind, and you can get it separately without replacing the head. That would be my advice. (Jim, I also HATE the horizontal wheels!)
  7. I don't know if this will help y'all or not. I have a Millie and know nothing about the Lenni's wheels or set-up. I have the Bliss system on my machine, but still it was like moving around a ten-ton truck to try to move my Millie around. I cleaned my wheels and carriage religiously but that helped very little. Finally I had the bright idea of cleaning with something other than alcohol, and I used what I had, which was just some stainless steel cleaner/polisher that I had for my refrigerator. I wiped it on and wiped it off, and wow, what a difference. I could love my machine again! I could move it around without feeling like I was trying to move the earth!! I don't know if this would help with the Lenni set-up or not, just for what it's worth!
  8. I'm doing the same quilt! I really like your green background! It looks so bright and springy. Beautiful work!
  9. I agree! The ones in Australia are really spectacular!!! Also, way out of any normal person's budget for a doll!! But they are truly beautiful.
  10. The plexi-glass one is the Hartley extended base. I have one, and I love it. I was originally concerned about it being plastic, about it just sliding on. However, my fears were groundless. I leave it on all the time. It is wonderful, very stable and larger than the Donita Reeves base, which I used to have but since sold. I have had no problems with my Hartley base, and if I do want to remove it, it is a quick trick, unlike the Donita Reeves base. I have the thread-cutter on my machine which may help its stability.
  11. Wow, what beautiful dolls! I saw some here: http://www.toniscollectibles.com/dolls/the-doll-maker/dolls-by-linda-rick.html?limit=30 And I saw some on ebay.
  12. Wow, that's a lot of posts! And all of them worth posting!! You always have something worthwhile to say.
  13. Your quilting on this is spectacular!!! I'm slowly appliqueing my way through this quilt, and this gives me ideas on how to quilt it when I finally finish it. You did an amazing job!!
  14. Just be glad you didn't start retiming it for nothing!! One time I thought my machine needed to be retimed. I had emailed Dawn I think, and just when I was getting started, she called me. It was not needed at all. I was so glad I'd been slow to get started at it! Glad for you too!!
  15. Just to let you know, that I also really love my Quiltazoid. One of my very best tools, I'm so glad y'all made them and that I was able to get one!! Thanks so much!
  16. I also had been told that alcohol was no longer needed. So I was cleaning mine with just a piece of batting. Then when I could hardly move my machine I was told to use alcohol. It was amazing how much gunk I got off with the alcohol!
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