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  1. Quilting Friends,
    As the busy activities of the holiday season really get in gear this Thanksgiving weekend, hopefully we can all find a happy balance between everything that needs to be done and the fun and relaxation of enjoying time with family and friends.
    Intelligent Quilting's final promotion of November ends on Sunday, so be sure to take a few minutes from your busy schedule and browse around a bit just for fun. For a minimum purchase of only $15 you will receive the beautiful and elegant Winter Damask Panto - this is basically a Buy One-Get One Free offer! To see an image just visit our home page at www.intelligentquilting.com
    Best wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend,
    Intelligent Quilting

    Tecumseh, MI

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    Many new designers and new designs are included.
    Sale ends at midnight tonight, August 31, 2013.

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