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  1. Great. Thanks for the info. Then would I be able to switch easily between computer assisted and free hand quilting? Jan
  2. Can a Quilt Path be added to an older Millenium? I have a 2002 model with the older square leg table. If yes - is it something I could do myself?? Or could I pay someone to install?
  3. Is your Quilt Path still for sale? I live in MN. Brooklyn Park.
  4. I've been looking at the Longarm Fundamentals Course by Angela Huffman but can't decide if I should take it or not. Anyone have experience or an opinion about it? It would be less expensive than having to travel. I'm just not sure if I should plunge in or not. Thanks!
  5. Hello! I'm wondering if there are any Minnesota longarm business owners here? I'm ready to start a quilting business and am looking for some guidance on what I have to do to get started as far as business license, taxes etc. in our state. I feel ready to start on a limited basis - just have to come up with a business name. How did you decide? Any advice for a beginner would be greatly appreciated.
  6. . . .and Norway which guides did you buy and do you use them regularly?
  7. Another dumb question: What exactly is the check spring?
  8. How did you attach the Snappers? Did you have to sew a casing in your leaders? Do tell, I'm interested in getting them but hesitant about installing.
  9. Some days I just need to walk away and think this might not be for me. I so want to quilt beautiful quilts.
  10. This may seem like an elementary question, but what is a towa guide and why would I want one? I've been seeing them a lot on posts. Also, can someone tell me about the magna glide bobbins. My understanding is that they make tension issue easier to deal with. Aren't they expensive to use? And aren't they only available in polyester thread? I've been using cotton and not sure I want to switch. Thanks for helping me on my tension issue journey which is making me tense. Hey, maybe I'm the problem. A little too tightly wound.
  11. I managed to finish my quilt but the bottom thread came to the top only on corners. Not on all corners, just some. Seemed like they were the sharper points or maybe a certain direction. Couldn't figure it out. Since I got my machine back from the spa I'm having trouble getting it up and running right, especially the tension. I notice there was a smaller needle on it now. Would that make a difference? I usually sew with a 4. Help. I want my stitching to look "perfect" and I'm a little frustrated.
  12. I need some tension advice. I'm using two colors of thread. Fussed with tension a lot. Looks good everywhere but the points. There the bobbin thread pokes through the top. I read some past posts that said "back off the needle tension" and tighten the top tension. Not sure what to do. It's making me crazy so I had to take a break. So, you experienced quilters, what should I try?
  13. Thanks. So any other advice about the drop test? I'm still not clear on that.