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  1. Great. Thanks for the info. Then would I be able to switch easily between computer assisted and free hand quilting? Jan
  2. Can a Quilt Path be added to an older Millenium? I have a 2002 model with the older square leg table. If yes - is it something I could do myself?? Or could I pay someone to install?
  3. Is your Quilt Path still for sale? I live in MN. Brooklyn Park.
  4. I've been looking at the Longarm Fundamentals Course by Angela Huffman but can't decide if I should take it or not. Anyone have experience or an opinion about it? It would be less expensive than having to travel. I'm just not sure if I should plunge in or not. Thanks!
  5. Hello! I'm wondering if there are any Minnesota longarm business owners here? I'm ready to start a quilting business and am looking for some guidance on what I have to do to get started as far as business license, taxes etc. in our state. I feel ready to start on a limited basis - just have to come up with a business name. How did you decide? Any advice for a beginner would be greatly appreciated.
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