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  1. Please help! what do I charge the customer (a quilt shop owner) to quilt a quilt that will be displayed in her quilt shop, with my name as the quilter on it. This will be great advertising for me, so she would like a discount, but how much? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am quilting a thick quilt, with 2 layers of wool batting, wool backing, and wool quilt top. Do I need a heavier needle to go through all these layers? Has anyone ever quilted a quilt like this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Very funny!! sure cheered up this rainy, cold day for me! Thanks!!!!! Dayna
  4. Beautiful quilt! I love your feathers, and the thread color looks terrific!!!!! Dayna
  5. Starla, Hi! I'm a Texan also, from Plano, north of Dallas. Welcome!!! My favorite overall freehand is loops of all sizes, then puzzle-piece meandering, and leaves. My favorite pantos are Hurricane, Popcorn, Petal Flambe, Bubbles, & Splash. I've heard the Deb's Swirls are fast & easy also. I get mine from Quilts Complete; they have tons to choose from! Remember, after practice quilting on muslin, the animal shelters can use your pieces instead of throwing them away! Best of luck & have fun!!!!! Dayna :)
  6. Gable, I'm with you - I love my pantos! They always look good, and they are easy to use! I have only a few free-hand designs, and I don't feel like they look as good as they should, especially compared to alot of quilters here! What are your favorite pantos? I like Fantasia, Hurricane, Petal Flambe, Popcorn, & Splash the best! Dayna;)
  7. Thanks everyone! Lots & lots of ideas and helps! Now on to trying them all out, to see what works the best for me! Dayna:)
  8. Georgene, thanks! It is a great design, but I have not purchased the CL yet. It is on my wish list, though. Dayna
  9. Thanks everyone! I have found several pantos and stencils online, but I like your method, Debbi, and I think I will put on the old practice quilt and give it a try! Dayna:)
  10. Help! my customer wants a rope pattern in the quilt borders. Does anyone know how to do a rope pattern, or can you direct me to where I can go to learn one? Dayna
  11. thanks, Heidi! I need to try your techniques-I love your feathers! dayna
  12. Heidi, wonderful story and beautiful quilt! Please tell me how you did the feathers? They look so good!!!!! Dayna