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  1. Can you tell me your favorite or most used marking "pencil"?
  2. Could you post the signature instructions? Thanks
  3. I cant find the original post about this system, does someone have the link?
  4. Dave Jones posted that he would be in my area and offered maintenance. Well he drove to my home, and performed magic with my machine. It just sings as I quilt now. While it has never caused me any real problem, it has been adjusted to perfection. His charge was amazing and he taught me 2-3 Deloa tips. How Happy am I........
  5. I just loved this feather and Heidi said it was so fun. Did you take a class/DVD/book??? Please tell us more......
  6. I have sent you a u2u. Please use if you would like to.
  7. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. Well after a solid hour my husband and I did loosen the screws. I was able to clean out the area of all the threads, and adjust the hopping foot. Did not tighten the screws very tight when re-applying. I would rather tighten them up occasionally than ever go thru this again.
  8. After getting the last of my quilts out I decided to do much needed maintenance. I am really struggling. The screws that hold the plate near the fly wheel will not budge. I talked with Dawn at APQS and she suggested a long screw driver and wd40. Nothing helps, they are not budging, and I dont want to strip the screw heads. Next my hopping foot needs raised. My Mille is 2005 and I am having trouble finding the screw thru that tiny hole. I have the new M&M wheels to do next, but think I better stop before my whole machine is in pieces around my feet. Anyone have suggestions?
  9. Just found this posted on his website: BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!Jamie's Mystical Cottontracks DVD has been re-released as a3-Disc Set. You will receive the original 2-DVD Setalong with a CD that contains the PDF Files for youto print the Original Mystical Cottontracks Workbookand accompanying Sliders.The Cost is $60.00 plus $4.95 USPS Priority Mail Shipping.Please visit the Catalog Page for Details.
  10. I an interested in purchasing either a qz or cl. How do I know which is best for me. I read all the posts saying how much you love them, but why? Is there a side by side comparison stating which does what and does not? Does it really matter? I already use the pattern boards from R&S. Are they so similar it doesn't matter or are there distinct differences?
  11. Just love your quilt, GREAT job. Can you share the name of the pattern?
  12. I got a small dark bobbin oil stain on the back of a customer quilt. Any suggestions for removal of this as well as the "black, carbon looking" stains caused from residue on the rails.
  13. Can someone post a good link for instructions on applying binding with a longarm. I remember seeing the instructions but cant find them in the search fields.
  14. Sorry, I sold mine to Shanna in Alaska. Kae